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Take advantage of Pacific Union College's FREE online courses. With 18 college courses to choose from, you can save money and time by earning college credit for free while finishing high school or while waiting to start college full time, from wherever you are. Courses are fully accredited so you can use the college credit later, at PUC or the college of your choice.

Classes start March 29, so apply now.

Tuition & Registration

Your first class is free! After that, you are welcome to take up to two additional classes for only $900 each. Admission is required before registering for classes. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Submit an application. If you have already submitted an application with us, you don't need to apply again.
  • Submit your official or unofficial transcripts. If your school is closed and you have a problem with this step, we may be able to help.
  • Email to confirm your class choice(s)
  • Once you're registered, you pay nothing for your free class. If you choose to take advantage of an additional one or two low cost classes, you can make your payment by credit card or check.* For credit card payment, simply call Student Finance directly at (707) 965-7530 - this line is staffed M-TH 9am-12pm and 1-3pm, and F 9am-12pm. If you use a check, please include your new PUC ID number on your check and mail to:

    Pacific Union College
    Attn: Cashier
    1 Angwin Avenue
    Angwin, CA 94508

  • After you are registered for your class(es), you will receive information about how your class will work online. You'll also receive all the privileges and support of being a PUC student. This support includes, but is not limited to, a PUC student ID card, counseling support, spiritual and social activities, and much more.

Questions? Call (707) 965-6439 for help!

*Students wishing to apply for financial aid may do so but they will be charged regular rate of $865 per unit. Payments are non-refundable.

Classes Offered

Start earning college credit for free by choosing from a variety of our introductory classes. From Intro to Statistics, Beginning Italian, General Psychology, and Intro to Computer Programming, we have 18 great choices for you!

Department Course # Name Professor Days Time Asynchronous
CWL COMM 105 Communication and Public Speaking Tara Hargrove MTWF 10:00-10:50 AM Y only Wed
CWL JOUR 110 Current Issues in the Media Lynne Thew MW 2-3:15 pm Y
CWL ITAL 111 Beginning Italian Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti MTWTh 9:00-9:50AM N
CWL SPAN 113 Spanish III Smirna Garcia-Ramirez MTWTH 9:00-9:50AM N
MP STAT 222 Intro to Statistics Adu MTWF 9a - 9:50a N
MP STAT 222 Intro to Statistics Sremac MTWTh 1p - 1:50p N
MP MATH 106 College Algebra Adu M T Th F 11a -11:50a N
MP and Business INFS 115 Intro to Computer Programming Sremac MW 2p - 3:40p N
MP PHYS 105 Intro to Physics Robertson MTWThF 1p -1:50p N
Kinesiology ESAC 101 Jogging Paulson
Visual Arts ARTH-115-01 History of Western Art I Jon Carstens MTWTH 11:00AM-11:50AM Y
Visual Arts ARTH-116-01 History of Western Art II Jon Carstens MTWTH 9:00AM-9:50AM Y
Psych & Social Work SOWK-121 Intro to Social Work Alisa Jacobo/Michael Milmine MW 02:00PM-03:15PM N
Psych & Social Work PSYC-121 General Psychology Danielle Nelson/Michael Milmine MTWTh 9:00-9:50am N
Psych & Social Work PSYC/SOWK-126 Assertive Behavior Martin Pita/Michael Milmine M 6:00-7:50pm N
INFS 240 Introduction to Geo Info Syst Peter Lecourt T 6:00-6:50pm N
INFS 240L Lab for above Peter Lecourt Th 2:00-5:00pm N
ECON 261 Macroeconomics David Bell MTWTh 1:00-1:50pm N
COMM 105-WEB Public Speaking Tara Hargrove W 5:30-6:20pm  

Requirements & Standards

  • Students must be new to PUC and high school seniors with a GPA of 2.75 or higher (6th semester transcript), or transfer students who meet our transfer admissions requirements.
  • To register, all you need to provide is a completed application and your transcripts. Starting transcripts may be unofficial.
  • Students will need to cover the cost of books needed for classes
  • No admission fees or tuition for up to 4 units
  • Students will be treated as regular PUC students with the same benefits and resources

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If you have questions or would like further information, email or call (800) 862-7080.

Class Descriptions

Communication & Public Speaking
Develops skills in communication, surveys the human communication process, and encourages responsible speaking and listening. Focuses on intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, and public communication with a specific emphasis on interaction with diverse others in a collabartive setting. 

Current Issues in the Media
Introduction to journalism and its various platforms, including print, video, online, and broadcast. Emphasis on the role and responsibility of the press in a free society.

Spanish III
Jump into 3rd quarter of Beginning Spanish with Prof. García-Ramírez! Ideal for HS seniors with Spanish 1 completed – also for Heritage Spanish speakers wanting to learn interesting cultural facts and practice their conversational skills.

History of Western Art I
Designed to further appreciation of art as an expression of human experience. Major monuments in Western Civilization from its origins to the Gothic period with particular emphasis on the relationship between art and the cultural and historical epoch in which it was created.

History of Western Art II
Designed to further appreciation of art as an expression of human experience. Major artists and monuments in Western Civilization from the Renaissance to the present with particular emphasis on the relationship between art and the cultural and historical epoch in which it was created.

Introduction to Geo Info Systems
Core concepts and components of geographic information systems (GIS). Introduction to the use of real-world GIS software systems, including industry standard ArcGIS. One lecture & Lab.

An analysis of the structure and functioning of the economy in the United States. Concepts and tools of economics are used to study how decisions of individuals, businesses, and governments relate to growth, income, employment, and inflation