Religion 1

Student Opportunities


Summer in Ministry - Theology majors are expected to spend the summer after their sophomore year ministering in a church as a student pastor. For more information, contact the department office at (707) 965-6206.

Extern Program - Theology majors spend their junior year as a student pastor to familiarize themselves with the variety of pastoral ministry experiences. For more information, contact the department office at (707) 965-6206.

Clubs, Honor Societies, and Activities

The theology department enjoys a variety of activities each year, including one pre-vespers program each quarter and a social event in the spring quarter. Every fall, department majors and faculty enjoy an annual spiritual retreat at the Albion Field Station, which includes worship services with prayer, singing, and preaching; social activities such as hiking, canoeing, and boating; and Saturday evening games planned by the students.

During the autumn and winter quarters, the department supervises the weekly Ministry Colloquium class, a time of spiritual refreshment. All theology majors and religion department faculty come together to worship God, to be inspired, to share our spiritual journeys with one another, and to explore matters of interest to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Student Employment

Student readers are normally employed by the department. Contact the department office at (707) 965-6206 for job descriptions and openings.

  • Readers: Assist with grading
  • Student Secretary: Assists secretary and faculty with special projects

Theology Scholarships

Scholarships for theology and religion majors are based on the student's active involvement in church ministry, academic performance, and financial need.

Sandra Geli Scholarship - awarded to female theology majors.

Pritchard Family Scholarship - awarded to individuals who intend to be ministers, are actively involved in ministry, and have strong interest to be missionaries.

Zinke Matching & Wuerth Scholarship - for a student who intends to be a minister or teacher, shows spiritual leadership and active involvement in church ministry, and has participated in one year of off-campus outreach ministry.

Ministerial Training Scholarship - for a theology major who has completed their first year with a GPA of 2.7 or higher, and has a high probability of success.

Quimby Scholarship - awarded to theology or religion majors.

Employee of the Year award - given to an outstanding student employee in the religion department.

Department Commendation Award - Given to a four-year student for outstanding academic achievement.