Psychology & Social Work


Many of our psychology and social work majors go on to careers in clinical (including marriage and family), school, health, forensic, industrial and developmental psychology and social work. The most important element in becoming a social work specialist or psychologist is getting accepted into a good graduate program, which can be quite competitive. PUC has had great success in getting majors into the most prestigious and popular graduate programs in the field, including in recent years schools such as Yale, Columbia, UCLA, USC, Washington State, Purdue, Michigan State, University of California at Irvine, University of Denver, Loma Linda University, Fuller Theological Seminary, California School of Professional Psychology and Pacific Graduate School. Psychology, like social work, has a diversity of concentrations – many students make the mistake of only considering careers in clinical or counseling psychology or social work. Non-clinical careers (e.g. in Developmental, Social, Biological or Personality Psychology and Community, Gerontological, Criminal Justice, Social Policy, Medical, Child Welfare Social Work) are challenging and rewarding, and it is often easier to get into graduate school because you are competing against fewer students.

Many of our social work majors go on to careers working with children, the elderly, and adolescents or in medical or mental health settings. Our graduates often work with families and become agents of change in their communities. Many of our social work majors have job offers even before they graduate.

Some students use their psychology major as a preparation for entry-level jobs in a variety of human service for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Contact one of our professors of psychology for information and resource material on career options for a psychology major that do not require graduate school.

PUC has a very strong pre-medical program, and pre-medical, pre-dental and pre-law students frequently choose either psychology or social work as an excellent preparation for their future professions.