Physics & Engineering

Student Opportunities


While we do not have internships in physics, several students have had summer internships available from other institutions. Vola Andrianarijaona and James Robertson advise students regarding these opportunities.

Clubs, Honor Societies, and Activities

We have an informal club for computer science, mathematics and physics students. We gather several times a year at the home of a professor for socialization and food.

Student Employment

Physics majors work in the department as readers and lab assistants. In addition, the Teaching and Learning Center hires students as tutors.

Physics Today Jobs

A specialized online job board offers the opportunity to explore hundreds of new science and engineering jobs each month, with, of course, an emphasis on the physical sciences. Advertised positions include postdoctoral, tenure-track, senior academic, governmental, and industrial. The job site also features helpful career resources to aid them in the job-hunting process.