Physics & Engineering


Research in the various branches of physics, teaching, or science-related professions such as health sciences and engineering are the general areas of service for the B.S. degree in physics. The individual with a B.S. or M.S. degree may expect employment as an engineer or research assistant in industrial research and development. A Ph.D. degree is usually needed for a career in research or in college/university teaching. The B.S. graduate is qualified for entrance into many professional schools for science-related professions, including electrical engineering. Because of problem-solving skills developed in physics, the B.S. in physics is increasingly seen as a good background for non-science jobs and as preparation for professional degrees in areas such as law and economics.

The biophysics major provides thorough pre-professional preparation for medical or dental school and is excellent preparation for graduate training in biophysics, physiology, radiation-biology and environmental science. With additional professional education courses, this broad exposure to physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics qualifies the biophysics major for teaching at the secondary level. This program is intended as a preparation for graduate study in a university or professional school rather than an entry level degree to employment.

With a B.S. in natural science and teaching credentials, the graduate is prepared to teach high school in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. The demand for excellent secondary science teachers is high.

Physics Alumni

  • Stephen Bradley Schoun, B.S. in physics, class of 2007. Stephen's plan is to get a Ph.D. in less than six years. He is currently taking his first quarter at the Ohio State University.
  • Heechan Park, B.S. in Biophysics, class of 2007. Heechan is at Loma Linda University, the school of medicine, planning to become a physician.
  • Young Min Kim, B.S. in physics and mathematics. Young Min is now preparing a Master in physics at the "Universitaet Paderborn" (Paderborn University) in Paderborn, Germany.
  • Deriba Olana is at Harvard studying physics. Currently, he is working towards research in cosmology from a high energy theory angle.