Nursing & Health Sciences

Health Sciences

The AS Degree in Health Sciences is an excellent option for students who are planning on a career in one of the allied health professions. The allied health professions include a number of clinical professions within the health care environment, excluding medicine, dentistry, and nursing. Students taking this major will select the specific sequence of courses taken for the Health Sciences major using the pre-professional program requirements for the allied health field of interest as a guide.


Summary of General Education Requirements, A.S. Degree A-07-GE-AS-Degrees.pdf
Summary of General Education Requirements, B.S. Degree A-01-GE-BS-Degree.pdf
Summary of General Education Requirements, B.A. Degree A-02-GE-BA-Degree.pdf
Major in Health Sciences, A.S. NHSC-03-Health-Sciences-A.S.pdf

Pre-professional Guidesheets

Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science (B.S.) for Loma Linda Univ. PRE-11-Pre-Clinical-Laboratory-Science-B.S.pdf
Pre-Communication Sciences (B.S.) for Loma Linda Univ. PRE-12-Pre-Communication-Sciences-B.S.pdf
Pre-Cytotechnology (B.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-13-Pre-Cytotechnology-B.S.pdf
Pre-Diagnostic Medical Sonography, B.S., for Loma Linda Univ. PRE-14-Pre-Diagnostic-Medical-Sonography-B.S.pdf
Pre-Health Information Administration, B.S., for Loma Linda Univ. PRE-15-Pre-Health-Information-Administration-B.S.pdf
Pre-Medical Radiography (A.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-16-Pre-Medical-Radiography-A.S.pdf
Pre-Nuclear Medicine (B.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-17-Pre-Nuclear-Medicine-B.S.pdf
Pre-Occupational Therapy (M.O.T.) for Loma Linda University PRE-19-Pre-Occupational-Therapy-M.O.T.pdf
Pre-Orthotics & Prosthetics (M.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-20-Pre-Orthotics-and-Prosthetics-M.S.pdf
Pre-Pathologists’ Assistant (M.H.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-21-Pre-Panthologists-Assistant-M.H.S.pdf
Pre-Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) for Loma Linda University PRE-23-Pre-Physical-Therapy-D.P.T.pdf
Pre-Physician Assistant (M.P.A.) for Loma Linda University PRE-24-Pre-Physician-Assistant-M.P.A.pdf
Pre-Radiation Sciences (B.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-25-Pre-Radiation-Sciences-B.S.pdf
Pre-Respiratory Care (B.S.) for Loma Linda University PRE-26-Pre-Respiratory-Care-B.S.pdf