Roy Benton, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics

Office: Chan Shun Hall 238F

Phone: (707) 965-6679

Faculty Since: 2004

Ph.D, University of Michigan

Roy Benton, Ph.D., specializes in mathematical logic. He writes papers in modal logic, a branch of mathematical logic that is a subfield of both mathematics and philosophy. He also teaches courses in both math and philosophy. Dr. Benton taught at Columbia Union College for 25 years and was a teaching and research fellow at the University of Michigan. He has recently had three papers on modal logic published and presented one at a meeting of the Association of Symbolic Logic. He has also been part of the formal discussion of science and religion issues within the Adventist church in recent years. On campus, he enjoys outdoor activities and human rights activism. He's a fan of mountaineering, cycling, rock climbing, tennis, and guitar.
Professional Activities:

Roy Benton. "The modal theory of the veiled recession frame is decidable" (presented at the Association of Symbolic Logic)

Roy Benton. "A finitely axiomatizable modal extension of KT complete for the neighborhood but not the relational semantics"

Roy Benton. "On the degree of differential completeness."