Eric Anderson, Ph.D. - Department Chair

Professor of History

Office: Irwin Hall 102

Phone: (707) 965-6471

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William Logan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History


Phone: (707) 965-


Paul McGraw, Ph.D.

Professor of History

Office: Irwin Hall 211

Phone: (707) 965-6301


Howard Munson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History

Office: Irwin Hall 210

Phone: (707) 965-6404

Walter C. Utt Endowed Chair

Walter C. Utt, a 1942 PUC alumnus, taught history at PUC from 1951 to 1985. For 31 of those years, he chaired the department. Utt was a beloved, dedicated, and brilliant teacher. "Utt influenced thousands of people, was a great teacher who had a real personal interest in his students," says Bruce Anderson, a local physician and one of the founding members of the Walter C. Utt Endowment Board. After Utt's death, Anderson recounts, "the development of this endowment was almost spontaneous because of the love former students have for him."

The endowment board meets annually to further the goals of memorializing Dr. Utt, bringing great teachers to PUC to work on their research and also to teach, and fostering Adventist scholarship. Several visiting professors have been brought to PUC by the endowment, beginning in 1998. These professors devote time to research, teach a few classes, and speak for the Utt Lecture Series.