English is often thought of as the teaching major, and it is true that many majors go on to teach in junior or senior high school or in college; however, there are also career opportunities available in journalism, publishing, editing, library science, and technical writing.  In addition, business and law schools, medical and dental schools and a variety of humanities programs appreciate students with degrees in English.  English graduates also often gravitate toward administration. PUC’s president and three vice presidents have undergraduate or graduate degrees in English.

Projected Earnings


  • high school–$35,000 to 60,000
  • college or university–$43,000 to $136,000

Communications and journalism:

  • advertising copywriter–$40,000
  • marketing communications specialist–$37,000
  • copy editor/reader in publishing and newspapers–$49,000
  • freelance writer–writing independent articles for a fee–$50,000
  • reporter/staff writer for newspapers–$32,000

Librarian: (with additional library training) – $47,000

There are also many other opportunities in journalism, media, administration, research development, customer service, consulting, and marketing indirectly related to the English major. English majors going into academic administration, research, law, business, or medicine should check those fields for income levels.

English Alumni

Many of PUC's alumni are high school and college teachers while others have entered a wide range of professions. There are numerous lawyers, college administrators, business people, researchers, librarians, published authors, computer specialists, physicians, dentists, physical therapists, journalists, public relations and development officers.