More than 60 percent of chemists in the United States are employed in private industry, and at the bachelor's level are engaged in analyzing and testing products, working in technical sales and service, and assisting senior chemists in research and development laboratories. Chemists are also employed in other areas such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, design, scientific information services, safety and health, environmental protection, purchasing, quality control, and government work in the various branches of the Civil Service.

Many graduates in chemistry use their degrees as a stepping stone to careers in the medical profession, either as physicians or dentists or in a related field. Since these fields are science-oriented, a chemistry or biochemistry background is very helpful and is one of the most direct methods of meeting entrance requirements.

Projected Earnings

Industry: $65,000 (B.S.) | $80,000 (M.S.) | $103,000 (Ph.D.)
Government: $62,400 (B.S.) | $74,000 (M.S.) | $98,000 (Ph.D.)
Academia: $42,200 (B.S.) | $52,100 (M.S.) | $67,200 (Ph.D.)

Chemistry Alumni

We are fortunate to have outstanding departmental alumni holding successful careers that involve service. These include numerous alumni working as medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists. We also have alumni working as patent lawyers, college professors, professional chemists and as forensic scientists.