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Parking Permits and Parking Areas

The following is a list of standard parking permits and respective valid parking areas on campus.

  • “A” PERMIT - Faculty/Staff: All lettered student lots and all general parking lots
  • “C” PERMIT – Community: Parallel parking along Angwin Avenue and Hartin Lane; parking lot behind Custodial and Howell Mountain Distributors; designated spaces by Ambs Hall on La Jota; the area below the Public Safety office; parallel to the curb in front of Chan Shun Hall; in front of Grainger Hall against the brick wall; and all general parking lots
  • “E” PERMIT - Emergency Response: Any lettered lot
  • “G” PERMIT - General: The track lot; along La Jota from the tennis court up to the swimming pool; lower gym lot; north and south general lots along Howell Mountain Road (across from the College Market); Nichol Hall and McReynolds Hall lots
  • “L” PERMIT – Newton: Newton Hall lot and all general parking lots
  • “P” PERMIT – Prep: Designated areas in front of PUC Preparatory
  • “R” PERMIT – Grainger: In front of Grainger Hall (south of the front entrance); the cement area on La Jota Drive (across from the back side of Grainger Hall); and all general parking lots
  • “W” PERMIT – Winning: Parking spaces on La Jota Drive starting at Dauphinee Chapel and going down around the bend; the road behind Andre Hall; and all general parking lots
  • “Y” PERMIT - Motorcycle: Specific locations detailed in the Motorcycle Parking Allowances
  • VISITOR PERMITS: Specified Visitor parking spaces; any lettered lot; any green zone without restriction. Visitors can obtain a visitors permit at no charge to prevent parking citations
  • PROVISIONAL, TEMPORARY, AND COURTESY PERMITS: Parking area and expiration date specified on each individual permit
  • DISABLED / HANDICAPPED PERSONS: Refer to the Disabled/Handicapped section.

NOTE: Specifically reserved spaces such as Dean's Parking, Health Services Parking, etc. are restricted 24 hours/day.

Synopsis of Parking Areas

  1. Anyone with a parking permit can park in any of the General (G) parking areas.
  2. Students, faculty, and staff are not to use designated VISITOR spaces or VISITOR parking passes at any time.
  3. Dean's spaces are specially reserved for use by only the dean's designated staff.
  4. Health Services parking is specially reserved for only those persons actually visiting the Health Services office.
  5. All spaces within a lettered lot are open to persons who have that lettered permit.
  6. "A" or "V” PERMITs can park in any lettered lot.
  7. Lettered permits are nontransferable and apply only to the original car and driver.

Disabled/Handicapped Parking Information

All persons, either long-term or temporarily disabled, are encouraged to obtain from the Department of Motor Vehicles a Disabled Person/Handicapped placard or license plate. Final determination of eligibility resides with the DMV office, therefore receipt of the placard is not guaranteed.

  1. The DMV application for such placard can be obtained at
  2. The completed application must include a doctor's certification, which must be completed by the physician performing primary or initial treatment of the injury.
  3. The completed application with doctor's certification can either be mailed to DMV or submitted to a field office. Individuals are encouraged to submit the documentation to a field office in order to speed up the process of application. The nearest California DMV office is located in Napa at:

    2550 Napa Valley Corporate Drive
    Napa, California 94558

Disabled Parking Allowances

  • Individuals supporting such placards are given broad parking allowances on the PUC campus. Persons with disabled placards or license plates (issued to the specific individual) are allowed to park in the following areas:
    • Any lettered lot (A-Z), including all Faculty/Staff "A" lots and all student lots
    • Green (timed) zones without any time restriction
    • Blue Handicapped spaces
  • Vehicles should not park in specially reserved spaces such as, but not limited to Dean's Parking, Dining Commons, Visitor, etc.
  • All vehicles, including disabled person's vehicles, must be registered with the college for parking allowances on the PUC campus. A copy of the disabled person's placard or disabled license plate registration, AND supportive certification document for the placard or plate will be made at the time of vehicle registration.
  • Placards should be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle, directly in front of the steering wheel, rather than hanging from the rearview mirror. This ensures that the parking enforcement officer sees the placard.

Motorcycle Parking Allowances

  • Specific allowances and regulations apply to motorcycle parking on campus. See the complete Policies Handbook for more information.
  • All motorcycles on the PUC campus must be registered with the college, and a specific “Y" parking permit issued to each motorcycle.
  • At no time shall motorcycles be operated or parked on sidewalks, concrete areas, grass, or other landscape. Motorcycles are to ONLY be driven on asphalt roadways.
  • All California vehicle laws apply to the operation of motorcycles on this campus, with the addition that helmets are required at any time a motorcycle is in operation.
  • Parking of a motorcycle shall be done ONLY in pre-defined and approved parking areas. Motorcycles parked in any location other than the pre-defined and approved parking areas listed below (delineated in each picture in yellow) are subject to citation.
    • North of Newton Hall: Parking canopy for all motorcycles.
    • Main Winning (W) Lot: Motorcycle parking at north end of parking island.
    • Nichol and McReynolds Halls: No designated motorcycle parking. Use "G" lots.
    • Grainger Hall: Rear parking lot for Grainger on La Jota Avenue has corner and side areas of the lot inaccessible to automobiles but sufficient for motorcycle parking.
    • Newton Hall, Temporary: Temporary motorcycle parking is designated at the south entrance of Newton, next to the fire poles, not at the front steps to the dorm.
    • Grainger Hall, Temporary: Temporary motorcycle parking is designated by the stone wall on the left side of the Grainger entrance. Do not park beyond this point or aobstruct the roadway or fire gate.
    • Winning, Andre, and Graf, Temporary: Temporary motorcycle parking for these three dorms is designated behind Graf at the north end of Dauphinee Chapel. Space on either side of Dean's Parking will accommodate motorcycles.
    • Dining Commons: Motorcycle parking is permitted along the Dining Commons road, against the curb, near the front entrance.
    • Davidian: Motorcycle parking is permitted at the top end of Angwin Avenue, against the curb, near the front entrance.
    • Clark Hall: There is one motorcycle parking space behind the building.
    • Irwin Hall: Motorcycle parking is permitted along La Jota Avenue at the south end of Irwin, between the last parking spaces and the stairs to upper residence halls.
    • Library: Motorcycle parking is permitted between the red and white poles at the top of the campus mall.
    • West Hall Annex: Motorcycle parking is permitted inside the red and white poles at the rear of West Hall Annex, against the curb.
    • Gymnasium: There are no designated parking areas for motorcycles between the gym and Paulin Hall, nor at the east entrance of the gym facing Prep. Motorcycles are to be parked in the General (G) lot between the gym and Howell Mountain Road.
    • General (G) Lots: Motorcycles are allowed to park in any General (G) parking lot and occupy a regular parking space.
    • Green/Timed Parking Spaces: Motorcycles are allowed to park in any green/timed parking space and occupy a regular parking space. Motorcycles are subject to the same time restriction for green zones as automobiles.

Parking Rules and Regulations

In compliance with the state of California Vehicle Code section 21113a, this document serves as our campus Vehicle Code. In accordance with California Vehicle Code section 21113(a)(c) and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Napa County Sheriff's Department, all California Vehicle Codes are enforced upon the Pacific Union College campus. Additionally, Pacific Union College is granted the authority of establishing its own set of parking rules and regulations.

The Parking Services division and the Public Safety Department maintain the authority to enforce all California vehicle laws and all Pacific Union College parking regulations on the college campus. Additionally, the California Highway Patrol and Napa County Sheriff's Department have full right of access and enforcement privileges on the PUC campus irrespective of the campus being private property.

The following rules and regulations have been adopted by Pacific Union College as per CVC 21113(a). Certain regulations are continually enforced regardless of day or time, but other regulations change in the evening, on weekends, holidays, and during the summer. Be sure to check which regulations are in force before parking.

Continuous Regulations: Always enforced

  • Students, faculty, and staff shall not park in specifically posted Visitor parking at any time (excluding areas designated General Lot/Visitor).
  • No vehicle shall park in such a way as to cause an obstruction to other vehicles or pedestrians.
  • Red painted curbs indicate no stopping, standing, or parking at any time.
  • Vehicles shall be parked within a painted stall.
  • Vehicles must have a DMV permit to park in a handicap parking space.
  • All vehicles parked on the campus must be road-worthy at all times, and free from significant damage due to a vehicle accident and/or neglect.
  • Mechanical work to vehicles is not allowed in any of the college's parking lots.Pacific Union College does not allow long-term parking or vehicles being abandoned on the campus. If a vehicle is abandoned, it is subject to tow.
  • Dean's Parking spaces and special reserved spaces are to be used by authorized personnel only. Unauthorized use of these spaces may result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.
  • Yellow zones are for active loading and unloading only.
  • Visitors on campus may park in posted visitor parking spaces or the General Lot/Visitor areas. Visitors need to obtain a temporary permit to avoid receiving a parking citation.
  • Students borrowing faculty or staff vehicles must park in their own lettered lots, as the permit on the car does not transfer. Students must park in student parking even if they are driving a faculty or staff vehicle.
  • Faculty/staff borrowing student vehicles must park in the assigned student lot as the student permit overrides the driver’s status.

Weekday Parking Regulations: School in session: Enforced from 5 p.m. on Sunday through 1 p.m. on Friday throughout the quarter until the first day of finals at 5 p.m.

  • Continuous Regulations are enforced.
  • Students must park ONLY in their assigned parking areas or General Lots. Additionally from 5 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. students may also park in designated faculty/staff "A" parking areas. At 7:30 a.m. faculty/staff parking areas are enforced again and the vehicles have to be moved prior to this time or be subject to citation.
  • Faculty/staff "A” PERMITs may park in any letter-designated parking lot, excluding Visitor and special reserved spaces. Faculty/staff parked in Green zones are subject to the time restrictions of the specific zone. These parking regulations only apply to faculty/staff drivers, not students borrowing faculty/staff vehicles.
  • During the day Green zones are timed areas. Beginning at 5 p.m. the Green zones may be used as regular spaces. At 7:30 a.m. limited time parking is enforced again and the vehicles must be moved prior to this time or be subject to citation if parked longer than the allowed time for the specific Green zone.

Holiday/Break Regulations: School not in session: Enforced from 5 p.m. on the first day of finals or day preceding a holiday through 5 p.m. on the day before classes resume.

  • Continuous Regulations are enforced.
  • All lettered parking lots/areas (A-Z) are open for general use. All other specially reserved spaces are not open for general use.
  • Green time zones are open and not enforced.
  • Students who are leaving their vehicles on the campus during a major break (ie: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, or throughout the Summer) are encouraged to park their vehicles close to the residence halls that will remain open during the respective break. This will aid in safeguarding the unattended vehicle, rather than leaving it alone in a distant or isolated parking lot.

Weekend Regulations: Enforced from 1 p.m. on Friday through 5 p.m. on Sunday

  • Continuous Regulations are enforced.
  • All lettered parking lots/areas (A-Z) are open for general use. All other specially reserved spaces are not open for general use.
  • Green time zones are open and not enforced.

Summer Session Regulations: Enforced from 5 p.m. on the first day of spring quarter finals until 5 p.m. on the day before fall quarter classes.

  • Continuous Regulations are enforced.
  • All lettered parking lots/areas (A-Z) are open for general use. All other specially reserved spaces are not open for general use.
  • Green time zones are open and not enforced.
  • Students who are leaving their vehicles on the campus during the Summer Session are encouraged to park their vehicles close to the residence halls that will remain open during the Summer. This will aid in safeguarding the unattended vehicle, rather than leaving it alone in a distant or isolated parking lot.

Prima Facie Speed Limit
To best safeguard the safety of our campus populace, the prima facie speed limit for all college streets and roadways is as follows:

  • 25 mph only on the major thoroughfares of College Avenue and La Jota Drive
  • 15 mph on all other minor streets and roadways
  • 5 mph on any section of roadway that also serves as a parking lot and/or is subject to heavy pedestrian usage on the actual roadway (ie: front of Financial Administration, front of Graf Hall, etc.)

Park Smart
In addition to knowing the information and regulations provided herein, quite simply: DON'T ASSUME!

  1. Valid parking spaces are in paved parking lots and have white painted lines for the parking stalls with bumper blocks or curbs (as appropriate). Don't assume it's OK to park somewhere if the location is not clearly indicated in this manner. It is virtually impossible and cost prohibitive to mark every possible inappropriate spot on this campus with a "No Parking" sign.
  2. Don't assume that just because you've seen other cars parked somewhere before that it is OK to park there also. Their actions do not turn inappropriate locations into valid parking spots.
  3. Park only in spaces or lots that are clearly marked as allowable for your issued permit. If a space is not clearly marked, don't assume it is OK to park there. There must be signs or markings stating it is allowable for you to park in a space or a lot, otherwise you will be liable for any parking citations issued.
  4. Would you go to a dentist to ask a question about a plumbing problem? Obviously, NO. People specialize in their areas of expertise. Parking Services does so with parking. If you want clear and appropriate information, don't assume that someone other than a Parking Services staff member will have the correct information for you.
  5. Don't assume that if your designated parking lot or area is full that you are now allowed to park in another person's spot. Someone else's wrong doesn't make it right for you. If your designated lot or area is full, you must park in the General "G" parking lots. The "G" lots by the gym/track and across from the Market are rarely ever full and practically always have space available.

Have Realistic Expectations
PUC is designed more as a "walking" campus, rather than a "driving" campus. This means it's best to park in your designated lot and walk to/from classes and the dorms instead of attempting to drive. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • When driving onto the campus and parking, leave ample time to locate an appropriate parking spot. Don't cut yourself short on time.
  • Be aware of peak parking times and arrive early to increase your odds of getting the parking space that you want.
  • If all else fails, park below the gym or in the church lot. There's nearly always an available spot in these lots. Anyone with a parking permit can freely park in any "G" General Lot.
  • Be prepared to walk a little if your first choice lot is full. As indicated, this campus is a "walking" campus.

Parking Parameters
The parking information, rules, and regulations outlined within this brochure apply to all individuals (including but not limited to: students, faculty, staff, employees, and visitors) who wish to drive and park a vehicle on the Pacific Union College campus.

  • All vehicles must be registered with the college to be eligible for on-campus parking.
  • Parking on the Pacific Union College property is by permission only, and a parking permit only gives a person permission to park on the campus if there is space available. It is not a promise of parking.
  • Parking areas are assigned. Vehicles must be parked in the lot assigned by the permit, or the General "G" lots, especially if the assigned lot is full. Borrowed vehicles are subject to modified parking assignments. See “Continuous Regulations” for an explanation of nontransferable permits.
  • Any vehicle properly registered with a permit can park in any of the General "G" lots.
  • Students, faculty, and staff are not eligible for Visitor parking passes and/or privileges.
  • Falsified parking permits, or vehicles supporting a permit assigned to a different vehicle, are subject to a minimum $150.00 penalty and vehicle impound.

Vehicle Registration
Vehicles are to be registered prior to, or immediately upon, arrival to the campus. Vehicles can be registered on-line 24-hours a day through Lantern for all students, or through for all Faculty, Staff, and Visitors, and other non-students.

The Public Safety Department of Pacific Union College is given the responsibility of coordinating and distributing all parking permits for the college. Typically all students are required to pickup their issued permit in person at the Public Safety office, with the exception of the week prior to the start of school Fall Quarter, and the first week of the Fall Quarter session. If contact is made outside of the normal business hours, a temporary parking permit will be issued at the Public Safety office. This temporary permit will grant you allowance to park in the General "G" lots until the next business day without being subject to a parking citation. Temporary parking permits are available at the Public Safety office 24 hours/day.

Residence Hall students may register more than one vehicle, however additional vehicles will only be eligible for General "G" parking allowances, and normal vehicle registration fees do apply. Faculty, staff, and Community students registering multiple vehicles will be issued their respective permits.

When registering a vehicle, information from the following documents is required:

  • Current DMV registration with state of residence
  • Driver's license
  • Proof of current insurance

A permit may only be displayed on the vehicle to which it is registered, and it must not be altered in any manner.

Any type of parking permit that is lost or stolen will be subject to a full year's vehicle registration cost as a replacement fee.

All parking permits indicate the parking lot designation by letter. Student permits also show the valid academic year.

A vehicle registration is not complete until the regular permit has been obtained and affixed to the vehicle. 

Parking permits are nontransferable and no longer apply if the driver changes or the vehicle is sold.

When a car is sold, the parking permit becomes invalid. The previous owner must notify Public Safety that the car is no longer theirs and the permit should be removed.

Any information supplied during the vehicle registration process may be disseminated to appropriate college personnel and/or local, state, federal authorities when deemed necessary.

Placement of Permit
Parking permits are to be displayed in the bottom left corner, on the outside, of the rear window. If your vehicle is a convertible, pickup, or SUV with a retractable rear window, the permit must be affixed to the front windshield, driver's side lower corner, on the outside of the glass. Motorcycle permits are to be placed on the lower portion of the motorcycle's front fork, right side.

Fees and Refunds
A vehicle registration fee is assessed on all student vehicles. Faculty, staff, employees, and visitors are not charged a registration fee. Residence Hall students are entitled to a prorated registration fee (based upon date of registration), and prorated refunds (for quarters not attending). Community students and motorcycle registration fees are not eligible for proration or refund. For complete information on current fees and applicable refunds, contact Parking Services, or visit the web at:

Are you borrowing someone else's car, loaning yours out, or changing vehicles?
If you are borrowing a car from someone else, determine if the vehicle has already been registered with the college. If so, you must park in accordance with the permit affixed to the vehicle unless you are a student (the borrowed permit may grant different allowances than the permit issued to your own car). During weekdays when school is in session, vehicles with student parking permits must be parked in student lots, regardless of who is driving. If the vehicle you are borrowing has not been registered, you will need to arrange for a Temporary or Provisional Parking Permit. Do so as quickly as possible to prevent obtaining a parking citation.

If you decide to loan out your car to a fellow student, friend, or family member, it is your responsibility to inform them of the appropriate places to park based upon the parking policy for borrowed cars. If someone borrows your vehicle, you are responsible for any parking citations they obtain by parking inappropriately.

I'm having car problems and can't move my car. What do I do?
You will need to obtain a Disabled Vehicle parking permit from the Public Safety office. You will be granted a reasonable time period to fix the problem and relocate the vehicle to it's assigned lot, without receiving a parking citation. But you'll have to make contact with the Public Safety office and receive the Disabled Vehicle permit before you receive any parking citations.

RV Parking
RV parking is allowed on the campus with certain restrictions. All RV's must be self-contained as the re are no hook-ups available. There is a dump station located near the entrance of Mobile Manor that is open for use at no cost. RV's are allowed to park in the lot behind the Market.

For Sale Lot
An area along the main road has been designated for use as a public For-Sale lot. This is located on the east side of Howell Mountain Road, just south of the Mailroom/Copy Center (across the street from the Chevron station). Private owners may park their cars and motorcycles in this lot for sale. Vehicles must be in running condition, registered with the state, and insured. Sellers must obtain a permit from the Public Safety office to use this area. This is a public service and no fee is charged.

Bicycles may be registered at the Public Safety office as part of the college's crime prevention program. Bicycles are given a registration sticker that works as an owner applied identification number in case of theft. This is a free service.

Release of Liability and Disclosure Statements
Pacific Union College assumes no liability or responsibility for any personal property while on college property. Parking on the campus is at your own risk. PUC reserves the right to close any area on campus as needed. Parking privileges may be revoked for excessive violations of California or Campus Vehicle Codes. PUC reserves the right to search a person's vehicle with reasonable cause. Vehicle registration information may be disseminated to appropriate college personnel or law enforcement authorities as necessary without notice.