Information Technology

PUC Email: To Use or Not to Use

When you become a student at Pacific Union College, a PUC email address is automatically created for you. This is your primary source of campus news, information about events, and the critical link between you and your advisor and teachers. You, like most students, may already have an email address long before you arrive at PUC (Gmail,, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, etc.). You are now responsible to read your PUC email as well. If you don't, you will be missing important information. Some common misperceptions about PUC email include:

  1. Is my PUC email address turned off in the summer, or if I happen to leave PUC for a quarter? This is not true. Once your address is created, it is not turned off. After you graduate, if you don’t access your PUC e-mail for one year your mailbox will be deleted.
  2. A system administrator will read my email, it is not private. Again, this is not true. While PUC does have the ability to read your email (any private institution does) this would ONLY occur if there was probable cause of illegal activities
  3. All my friends know my current address, and I don't want to check TWO addresses. This may be true, but you can forward your PUC email to your current address so that you can receive both. See instructions below.

What Is My PUC Email Address?

If you are a current student, or have been accepted at PUC your email address is your first initial, middle initial and last name plus "". (Additional letters of your name will be added if that username is already taken.) For example the student John Fitzgerald Kennedy would be

What Is My PUC Password?

If you are a returning student, your password is the same as what it was previously. If you are a new student or have forgotten your password a new one will have to be generated through PUC's Account Management portal.

NOTE: This system will send reset/creation instructions to the non PUC email address submitted to PUC on your application. If you no do not remember that email address or longer have access to it you will need to Contact ITSS.

How do I access my PUC email?

To use your email address, go to, and at the top of the webpage, click on "webmail". You can also use an email client program such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or other software to check your mail.

How do I get my PUC email in my normal email account?

Instructions can be found here.