PacificQuest 2014

Core Classes

Music and Storytelling

What effect does music have on storytelling? What elements have to work together for music to tell us a story?

In this class you will unpack the fundamental elements that are used to express emotion and tell stories through music. You will also explore music as a creative process each of us is capable of participating in regardless of our skill level.

Elective Classes

The Legacy of Graphic Design: Leave your Mark

Explore the exciting history of graphic design through hands-on learning. Find out what inspired the first calligrapher to make symbols with ink on paper and than create your own letterforms and symbols through calligraphy. Be inspired by Gutenberg’s great passion for making the first printed book and than build your own book with alternative binding techniques. Follow in the foot steps of the Beggarstaffs and design a poster ahead of your time using industry standard computer apps.

Physics: “Beyond a mere observation”

Do you understand the physics behind an apple falling from a tree? It seems impossible, but the legend is that Sir Isaac Newton did. He certainly went beyond mere observation and learned how wonderful the world of unseen physics is. In that world, there is much more than an apple falling off a tree. Would you like to explore the world of physics through simple demonstrations? If your answer is yes, then this class is for you. The topics include dynamics, electromagnetism, optics, and biophysics.