PacificQuest 2013

Core Classes


Each student will perform chemical reactions, record data and analyze the results. "Hands-on" experiences will be emphasized! Questions to be explored and answered include: What does an atom "look like"? Why do elements react with one another? Does a car get heavier or lighter when it rusts? What happens when metals tarnish? What happens chemically when something burns? What happens chemically in an explosion? How does a "breathalyzer" work? Why do Tums help an upset stomach? What is acid rain and how is it produced?

Elective Classes

History: Telling Stories

History entails, among other things, myths, tales, and stories that contribute to the human interaction across the cultures of the world. This course will discuss aspects of the historical truth from its origins and interactions as well as its major contributions to the world. Emphasis is given to ancient and medieval periods.

We will explore several different themes: Ruins: Library of Nineveh; Photo and evidence: Hammurabi Code of Law; Ruins and photo: China Wall and Terracotta Warriors; Tale: Kingdom of Mali and Sundiata/Lion King; and Primary Source: Magna Carta.

Short Film Workshop

See movies with new eyes as we explore the short film format through screenings, discussion, and hands-on exercises. Through watching and dissecting award winning short films, we'll discover just what it is about them that makes them so great. Students will workshop stories, figure out how to craft a screenplay, direct actors, and operate camera. We'll spend time talking about the ins and outs of a film set and what happens in that magical window between "Action" and "Cut." This class is limited to a maximum of 12 students.