Frequently Asked Questions

When and where do we drop off our son or daughter?

Driving directions to the Pacific Union College campus are found at  

Each year PacificQuest begins on a Sunday afternoon. Students can be dropped off between the hours of 4-5 pm. Students are informed of the drop-off location in an email. Signs will be posted directing you to this location but please also see the PUC campus map at  

We invite parents and family members to stay for dinner that is typically served between 5:30-6:30 pm.  This is an opportunity for you to meet the PacificQuest teachers and staff and to hear about the week ahead.  We ask that all family members leave campus by 7pm.

Those parents and/or other family who require accommodations the same Sunday night can visit the following link for a list of lodging options: 

When and where do we pick up our son or daughter?

Each year PacificQuest ends on a Friday morning. There is a program that begins with worship at 9am that begins in Davidian Hall room 205. Signs will be posted directing you to this location but please also see the PUC campus map at   Students present what they learned for the week and awards are given to all students. Parents and family are encouraged to attend this event. The program typically ends around 11:30 am. After that students are "released" back to their parent or guardian.

How do we arrange transportation if my son or daughter will travel by air?

PacificQuest does offer limited pick-up and drop-off service from and to Sacramento International Airport (SMF).  This service carries an additional fee.  If your son or daughter uses air travel, be sure to email the itinerary to the PQ Academic Director at  Please supply the student’s cell phone number for coordinating at the airport.  The drive time between the airport and PUC campus is nearly two hours.

Students traveling by air must arrive at SMF on the Sunday that PacificQuest begins.  Pick-up will occur between 11 am and 1 pm.  Students who arrive earlier will be unsupervised until the PQ staff-member arrives at 11 am for pick-up.  Students cannot be picked up later than 1 pm. 

Students traveling by air must depart SMF on the Friday that PacificQuest ends. Drop-off will occur at 2 pm.  Flights must depart between 3-5 pm.  Students will be supervised until they have passed through the Security Gate.  At that point, the PacificQuest staff is no longer responsible for the student.

What are the accommodations for my son or daughter?  Where does he or she stay?

Each student is assigned to a PUC Residence Hall and shares the room with a single roommate.  There is a separate residence hall for boys and girls. In their particular residence hall, all students stay within a few doors of each other. A Counselor (one for the boys and another for the girls) stay in the residence hall and on the same floor as the students. The Counselors are responsible for ensuring that students are in their rooms in the evening and that they are on time to the morning Worship. Outside doors to the residence halls are secured at night and PQ students are not allowed to exit. 

Rooms have two twin beds that require bedding. Be sure that your son or daughter brings his or her own bedding and pillow. 

Roommates are assigned by the Camp Director. If your son or daughter has a roommate request, please email

Who supervises my son or daughter during the week? 

Students are under constant supervision by PacificQuest teachers and staff. The daily schedule begins at 7:30 am and students must be in their dorm room by 10pm. During organized classes and programs students are supervised by the teacher, PacificQuest Camp Director, and/or PacificQuest Academic Director. Students are together as a group for most of the day and move from activity-to-activity as such. Outside of classes students are under the supervision of their Counselors. 

Does my son or daughter need additional money during the week?

Students are required to pay a $20 deposit for their room key. This is refundable if the key is returned at the end of the week. Otherwise, no additional cash is needed.

Can and/or should my son or daughter bring their camera, cell phone, laptop computer, and/or other electronic device?

We strongly encourage that students bring a camera. Taking pictures during the week will be a big part of the memory of PQ.  Students may bring a cell phone/smartphone but we require that they leave these devices “off” during all classes and programming.  Students have some computer access each day and do not need to bring their own computer. Finally, students do not have much “free” time during the day and so additional electronic devices are not needed and will likely be underused. 

What type of clothing and shoes should my son or daughter pack?

The weather at PUC during the summer is changeable. Mornings can be cool and foggy and afternoons very hot! Students should bring clothes that they can layer – long and short pants and shirts. Students will have at least one hour of recreational activity each day and so need to bring comfortable clothes and appropriate gym shoes for these activities. There is a swim party at the end of the week and so those interested in getting in the pool should bring a bathing suit.  Please ensure that bathing attire is appropriate and conservatively cut.

What is the Talent Show and does my son or daughter have to participate?

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Talent Show.  The student can perform a skit or read poetry, play a musical instrument, or share other talents with the small audience.  There is a piano available for those who need it.  Students are welcome to bring their own instrument.