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Physics is the search for the fundamental physical laws of nature. In particular, physics is the study of forces and motion of physical entities, seeking to find basic relations that synthesize these phenomena. The goal is to discover ways to control and predict natural occurrences and to understand and explain the physical universe. To achieve this goal involves observation and experimentation from which physical and mathematical mod- els are developed that suggest concepts and theories. Although modern science limits itself to a naturalistic view of reality and to experimental ways of obtaining knowledge, this department takes the view that physical phenomena are consistent with the concept of an intelligent Designer and divine Creator.

Degrees offered include a four-year B.S. in Physics and a four- year B.S. in Biophysics. The department also offers an A.S. in Engineering, which meets the first two years of requirements for standard baccalaureate-level engineering degrees.

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Fast Facts

  • The department has a computer operated telescope for students to use and has a computer-based physics laboratory.
  • Our program has a very favorable student to teacher ratio in the upper division. These advanced courses usually have from 3 to 5 students. This makes it very convenient for students and teacher to work closely together; the teacher knows the students very well and there is abundant opportunity for individual help and student teamwork.
  • Many of our students work for the physics department. The students are hired as tutors, readers, and lab assistants. This provides great experience as well as solidifying the knowledge gained in coursework.
  • Our on-campus observatory is used for astrophysics study as well as for the general-education astronomy class.

Physics & Engineering

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  • Donated Equipment Enhances PUC Physics Education Pacific Union College received a generous donation of cutting-edge laboratory equipment from B&K Precision to allow students in its physics department to acquire data more effectively and enhance learning.
  • Six Students Take Two-Week Trip to Oak Ridge National Laboratory Several times each year, select students from PUC’s math and science departments visit the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, Tenn. for research and hands-on application of what they’ve learned in the classroom.
  • PUC Student Named Top Presenter at Physics Conference PUC physics student Shalynn Romano received the top student presenter award for outstanding research at the International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry (CAARI) this summer in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • PUC Professor Advances Experimental Physics with NSF Grant Vola Andrianarijaona, a professor of physics at Pacific Union College and a winner of a grant from the National Science Foundation, recently returned from a research trip to Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, one of the world’s top experimental physics laboratories.
  • Professor and Student Work with Oak Ridge National Laboratory Andrianarijaona's work is entitled "An Investigation of Charge Transfer in Low Energy D2+ + H Collisions using Merged Beams" and is scheduled to be presented at the Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (DAMOP) convention at the University of Virginia later this year.