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Spiritual Life Now

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Building a Home and Friendships on Fiji’s Mana Island

Returning to America bearing postcard-like pictures of the white sand beaches and stories of snorkeling in pristine teal waters may cause some to wonder if students were returning from an exotic vacation rather than a mission trip.

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Religion Department Enjoys Weekend of Fellowship

Every year, PUC’s department of religion is able to enjoy a weekend of rest at the Albion Retreat and Learning Center, PUC's campus on the Mendocino coast, before fall quarter gets busy.

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Student Week of Prayer Highlights Personal Testimonies

The entire campus—students, staff, and faculty—gathered together as a community of faith during Student Week of Prayer.

Spiritual Life

REACH Ministry: Ambassadors for PUC

David Ranzolin, April 9, 2009

Students assume many roles during their four-year stay at Pacific Union College. We are a campus of athletes, musicians, artists, businessmen and women, pilots, writers and scientists. However, the hat we all wear (whether we are aware of it or not) is that of the ambassador. Participants in campus ministries like REACH take this role to heart and exemplify the Christian character of our school.

REACH ministry is dedicated to connecting with church youth in our community. A typical REACH outing may consist of doing a Sabbath school, helping out with church services or youth activities, and being involved in other related church functions. Emily Smith, a junior nursing major and leader of REACH ministry, explains that the goal of REACH is to strengthen the "family ties" within the community. "We want to make friends with these kids and show them that we are not only, first and foremost, Christians, but that we also belong to the Pacific Union College family," she says.

REACH has received tremendous response from local churches. Student participation seems to be a critical component to fostering a lasting Christianity among church youth. "The kids love hanging out with us as peers," she says. "We have more invitations from churches and schools than we know what to do with!" This quarter, REACH is scheduled to appear as far away as Paradise, Monterey Bay and even southern California.

Emily explains why students should consider becoming a part of REACH ministry: "REACH is a wonderful way to meet some of their fellow PUC students as well as many different kids from all over California. However, these are only the face value benefits of REACH. Most importantly, you get to be involved with sharing your God-given talents with others and receiving a huge blessing from Him in return. God is continually working through our ministry and we have had many kids give their lives to Christ because we made a difference."