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Spiritual Life Now

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Building a Home and Friendships on Fiji’s Mana Island

Returning to America bearing postcard-like pictures of the white sand beaches and stories of snorkeling in pristine teal waters may cause some to wonder if students were returning from an exotic vacation rather than a mission trip.

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Religion Department Enjoys Weekend of Fellowship

Every year, PUC’s department of religion is able to enjoy a weekend of rest at the Albion Retreat and Learning Center, PUC's campus on the Mendocino coast, before fall quarter gets busy.

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Student Week of Prayer Highlights Personal Testimonies

The entire campus—students, staff, and faculty—gathered together as a community of faith during Student Week of Prayer.

Spiritual Life

Local Churches

Pacific Union College Church

A faith community for both students and long-term Angwin residents, the PUC Adventist Church is located on campus and is is a rich resource for connecting with God and each other. The PUC Church now provides two services with distinct styles, called The Majestic and The Gathering.

Many activities and programs at the PUC Church are either specifically geared toward students or are open for students to join. Community interest groups are also being formed for everything from knitting to prayer to book clubs.

Other Churches

Other Adventist churches are located in Calistoga, Deer Park, Napa (English, Korean, and Spanish), St. Helena (English and Spanish), and Yountville. To find churches of other denominations in the area, you can use the Church Angel directory and search the towns of St. Helena, Napa, and Calistoga.