About the Project

Pacific Union College is putting $1 million towards refurbishing the Nelson Memorial Library with major renovations taking place on the main floor. The goal is to not only modernize the library aesthetically but to bring all its features to twenty-first century standards—from technology to approaches to learning.

The main floor of the library will be reconfigured to offer more individual study spaces, lounge areas, and private group study rooms. The library will also receive a new circulation desk, along with new furniture, paint, and lighting. An energy management system will be installed to keep the building temperature more stable. Architects are also examining the possibility of freshening the building exterior.

Construction crews began work on the project on June 13, the day after graduation; the renovated library is scheduled to reopen in full by early September.

The Nelson Memorial Library was completed in 1958 during President Ray Fowler's administration (1955-1963). It has four floors, including a basement level and penthouse meeting room. The main floor and entrance is on the second level.

The library is the central building on campus for students to study, write, and conduct research. In addition to thousands of books, concordances, and reference volumes available in stock, the library has several specialized search engines that offer access to over 30,000 journals.