PUC Hosts First Facebook Live Event Featuring Compassion Experience

December 14, 2016

On Friday, December 2, the office of service, justice, and missions at Pacific Union College held the college’s first ever Facebook live event, featuring staff and students who have served or are currently serving as missionaries around the world. The broadcast has been viewed several thousand times and generated many thoughtful responses, spreading awareness of the incredible service PUC students are engaged in.

Hosted by Doug Wilson, director of student activities at PUC, the broadcast began with an interview with Fabio Maia, PUC’s service and missions coordinator. Maia shared an update about service projects planned for 2016-2017 school year, including PUC’s Homeless Ministries and Rebuilding Calistoga initiatives. PUC’s annual mission trips to Brazil and Fiji were also highlighted. “We try to make sure all students have a chance to participate in missions,” he says. He also intentionally plans for mission trips in places where PUC students are serving as long-term missionaries, to further assist the communities in those areas.

The broadcast also featured PUC students Kelly Siegal, Brett Dickinson, Ryan Goldring, Alex Chang, George Tuyu, Leya Helmer, Ren Hellan, Andrew Mahinay, Christian and Shelina Villegas, Melissa Otto, and a special video conference call with Rei Antonio, who is currently serving in Bangladesh.

“I’m so proud of our student missionaries, task force workers, and all those who are choosing to participate in short term missions or local mission projects,” said Lisa Bissell Paulson, vice president for student services, following the broadcast. “Our commitment to service is strong at PUC and I’m amazed at how much our students do even on a daily and weekly basis.”

During the live broadcast, Wilson escorted viewers through the Compassion Experience event, an interactive exhibit set up on the campus December 2-5. Produced by Compassion International, several PUC students also volunteered their time to staff the exhibit, which provided visitors a glimpse into the life of a child living in poverty in a third world country. Participants saw how a sponsorship can change the trajectory of a child’s life. Over 1.9 million children in 26 of the world’s poorest countries have been helped by the organization’s efforts. In direct response to the event at PUC, close to 100 children found monthly sponsors.

There are many other exciting service projects planned throughout the school year. For more information, or to donate to projects, visit the office of service, justice, and missions’ Pure Charity website or call (707) 965-7190.