Outstanding PUC Alumni Graduate from Loma Linda University

July 21, 2016

Each year, many Pacific Union College graduates leave the Napa Valley to continue their education in various graduate programs throughout the nation. PUC alumni become doctors, lawyers, scientists, pastors, educators, and business leaders after attending prestigious graduate schools, including Loma Linda, UC Davis School of Law, UCLA, University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins University, Yale, and the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, among others.

This past spring, 40 PUC graduates received advanced degrees from Loma Linda University, with 14 from the School of Medicine, eight from the School of Dentistry, two from the School of Pharmacy, and 16 from the Schools of Allied Health Professions, Behavioral Health, Nursing, and Public Health.

“PUC students are well-prepared academically for continuing on to medical, dental, or pharmacy school. We are proud of the hard work students do while at PUC that qualifies them for admission to Loma Linda and their success there,” says Dr. Aimee Wyrick-Brownworth, chair of the department of biology.

In special recognition of the remarkable achievements of these PUC graduates, their names are listed below.

From the School of Medicine:

  • Michael Giang, ’12
  • Jeeyoon Jung, ’10
  • Peter Han, ’12
  • Joseph Kim, ’12
  • Eugenia Kwon, ’11
  • Carrie Lam, ’11
  • Stephanie Lao, ’12
  • Michael Lee, ’11
  • Samuel Lee, ’10
  • Cristal Nishikawa, ’09
  • Alicia Teferi, ’11
  • Janna Vassantachart, ’12
  • Taechan Yang, ’10
  • Anthony Yeo, ’12

From the School of Dentistry:

  • Sameh Bekhit, ’11
  • Allison Craig, ’07
  • Susan Cha, ’12
  • Jeffrey Figueroa, ’12
  • Joseph Kim, ’12
  • Jonathan Kim, ’10
  • Christopher Lopez, ’11
  • Sterling Thompson, ’12

From the School of Pharmacy:

  • Jared Henderson, ’06
  • Elaine Jahng, ’09

Additional Graduates:

  • Anika Aceves, ’14, masters of social work
  • Alexandra Benoit, ’15, masters of social work
  • Annadi Castillo, ’15, masters of social work
  • Katelynn Christensen, ’11, masters of business administration
  • Janelle Evano, ’14, masters of social work
  • Zackary Gore, ’09, doctorate of physical therapy
  • Sophie Han, ’08, masters of communication sciences and disorders
  • Yong Kwon, ’10, masters of business administration
  • Sean Nation, ’12, masters of orthotics and prosthetics
  • Su Park, ’12, masters of business administration
  • Walter Penniman II, ’95, doctorate of nursing practice
  • Jose Ramirez, ’13, masters of business administration
  • Jazmin Rodriguez, ’14, masters of social work
  • Niehmer Santiago, ’08, doctorate of physical therapy
  • Zachary Wyman, ’09, masters of marital and family therapy
  • Richard Zecha, ’02, masters of occupational therapy

We offer heartfelt congratulations to all of our alumni who have gone on to complete graduate work at Loma Linda University and other institutions. These achievements represent only a small sampling of the many accomplishments of our alumni across the globe.

We wish each and every one of our alumni success and God’s richest blessings!