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Eboo Patel: Build Bridges of Understanding

On January 9, Pacific Union College hosted Dr. Eboo Patel for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance installment of the Colloquy Speakers Series.

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Students Serve on Navajo Reservation for Fourth Time

Twenty-two students from Pacific Union College spent a week of their winter break serving and providing aid for a Navajo community located near Page, Ariz. 

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PUC Mobile App Wins Award

The Pacific Union College iPhone and iPad app won the Best in Class award from the Society of Adventist Communicators at the Society’s convention in Salt Lake City, October 24-27.

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2014 Pioneers Invitational Registration

Welcome to the tournament registration page. Please fill in the respective fields and submit this document to confirm your team’s participation in the 2014 Pioneers Invitational Academy Basketball Tournament, December 3-6, 2014.

Once registered, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and invoice for the $400 team registration fee. After we have received your payment, you will also receive lodging information and instructions for entering your team roster.

Your tournament fees must be postmarked by October 10. When PUC Preparatory School has received both this registration form and your tournament fees, you will receive an e-mail directing you to the URL at which you may enter the name, gender, position, jersey, age, height, grade, and housing requests for your team members.

Lodging Limitations

A remarkable increase in PUC’s enrollment means new challenges in housing over 500 tournament guests. Keeping team numbers and sponsor ratios at the proper levels is especially important this year, and we thank you in advance for your cooperation!

  • Campus lodging will be provided for a maximum of 16 students per team: 15 student-athletes and 1 student statistician OR manager.
  • Local area housing will be provided for one sponsor/coach for each eight players, for a maximum of 2 sponsors per team. Each school may bring no more than four sponsors total (including any combination of AD, Coach, Sponsor, Manager, based on the stated ratio) 
  • Due to space limitations, additional guests (such as team staff, spouses, parents, children, and babysitters) must make their own housing arrangements; the college will not provide housing to additional guests during the tournament. And, unfortunately, PUC cannot accommodate any pets. 

Please contact Dana Howard at dhoward@puc.edu for further housing information.

General Information
Arrival Date/Time *
Departure Date/Time *
Teams Attending
Men's Team Sponsor 1
Men's Team Sponsor 2
Women's Team Sponsor 1
Women's Team Sponsor 2
Your school must be an affiliate or member of CIF basketball. If it is not you will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. *