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PUC Welcomes Back Students

Summer break is officially over for PUC students. As classes begin, the campus celebrates the commencement of the new school year with the annual Week of Welcome (WOW) celebration. 

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Opening Convocation Address Sets Pace for New School Year

Pacific Union College kicked off its 2015-16 academic year on Thursday, September 24, with the Opening Convocation, where speaker Dr. Arnetha F. Ball encouraged students to pursue God’s plans for them during their time at PUC.

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PUC Adds Two New Health-related Business Degrees

Pacific Union College has a rich history of equipping students with a passion for health ministry and leading lives of productive service in the industry. With employment of medical and health services managers to grow by 23% by the year 2022, PUC’s department of business expands its educational offerings to meet this demand. 

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Andre Hall

Andre Hall is one of the four women’s residence halls. A sprawling “V” shaped building with many windows and a private central lawn, Andre is located directly across from Winning Hall. The hall, which houses approximately 170 women on three floors, also has a spacious parlor and the Andre Rec Room. Referred to as the “Andre Angels,” the women of Andre Hall enjoy suite bathrooms (shared between four residents). Each of the 90 rooms also has walk-in closets and a private sink room. Andre Hall provides second and third floor parlors and, like the other residence halls, provides laundry and kitchen facilities for convenient student use. The sweeping staircases and great architecture of Andre Hall make it a wonderful place to spend four years on campus.

Andre provides a varied atmosphere for residents, with some areas being more quiet and studious and others being more social. The large windows, grand staircase and shorter halls give the dorm a bright, open feel. The rooms vary in size and layout and the Resident Assistants work hard to give the halls a friendly atmosphere.

If you are interested in living in Andre Hall or want more information about residence hall life at PUC, contact Andre Hall at (707) 965-7481 or Dean Gena Philpott at (707) 965-7461.

Meet Dean Philpott

PUC’s Andre Hall is a women’s residence populated by a very diverse set of students—both by age and ethnicity. All of these new ladies on campus find themselves starting college in the welcoming hands of Dean Gena Philpott. “I love the eagerness of freshmen coming in,” says Philpott, who is starting her twelfth year at PUC. “I feel that at that point in their life they’re probably the most impressionable, and so I really look for teachable moments.”

“A lot of times older students have already set what they’re going to do,” she says. “But when they first get here, they’re still making all their big decisions, and if they’re making bad decisions you actually have a chance during that first and second quarter to help steer them in a better direction. That’s the most rewarding thing.”

Her approach is greatly appreciated by most of the Andre residents.  She is known around the dorm to be understanding and genuinely concerned for each of the women in her charge.

It’s a role that offers both pressures and opportunities, but Philpott feels well equipped to handle both.  Both her parents were educators, and helped instill her with an ability to be both attentive to the needs of young students and resilient in the face of a demanding and highly visible job in education. “It takes a certain personality and set of skills,” she says, “but I feel like I have a knack with young people.”

Andre Hall

Pacific Union College
One Angwin Avenue
Angwin, CA 94508

Phone: (707) 965-7481

Gena Philpott
Associate Dean of Women
(707) 965-7461 | gphilpott@puc.edu