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PUC Named to 2015 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

Pacific Union College has been named to the annual President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. 

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PUC Students Called to be the Salt of the World

Pacific Union College held its annual Fall Revival week from Monday, Oct. 10, through Friday, Oct. 14. 

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PUC Women’s Volleyball Team Mentors Local Youth

For the past three years, the women’s volleyball team at Pacific Union College and The City of St. Helena’s Recreation Department have teamed up to provide a volleyball league for youth in the area. 

PUC Life

Campus Clubs

Student organizations based on interests, culture, and areas of study engage in a variety of activities throughout the year. Some require dues or have requirements for membership; others are open to anybody and everybody. To learn more about clubs, or to find out about starting your own student organization, contact Student Services at extension 7362.

College Sponsored Student Activity Request
Use this form for off-campus Student Activities.

Petition to Organize a New Club
Use this form to organize a new club.

Fundraising Request Form
Use this form to request an authorized fundraising event.


Biology Club

To integrate the general student body in activities sponsored by the biology club.

Contact: Natalia Gallo

Business Club

The purpose of this club is to promote social events and networking.

Contact: Justine Sauza

Chemistry Club

Create a social group to provide for student body.

Contact: Duyen Doan

Communications Club

To provide students with the opportunity to get involved and socialize with other students.

Contact: Janae Bowman

Education Club

To provide social connection among education majors and friends.

Contact: Abby Everett and Christy Solis

History Club

To peak an interest in history and culture.

Contact: Kenneth McKelvie

Pre-Law Society

To foster interest for students in the pursuit or curiosity of law.

Contact: Gerry Failano

Pre-Med/Pre-Dent Club

To expose students to the Medical and Dental field and provide guidance.

Contact: Soungmin Cho and Sam Han

Pre-Pharmacy Club

To provide fellowship information for Pre-Pharmacy students.

Contact: Sarah Kim  

Psychology Club

To raise money to attend the Western Psychological Association.

Contact: Brittany Hittle

Sigma Tao Delta

Literacy and Literature enhancement and discussion.

Contact: Gisella Navarro

Social Work Club

To provide social services towards the community and fundraising.

Contact: Sarai Ortiz-Bocio


Amnesty International

Human rights advocacy and education.

Contact: Jonathan Chow


To fundraise and raise aware awareness for a worthy cause.

Contact: Evelyn Marquez


Transforming the young adults of today into catalysts of change for tomorrow through global awareness, service towards others, and realization of God’s purpose and passion for other’s lives.

Contact: Lauren Chang


Asian Student Association

To introduce Asian culture to the student community and create a fun-loving environment for students.

Contact: Jacqueline Chen

Black Student Union

Aims to provide social and spiritual fellowship among students of all races while emphasizing African-American, Afro-Caribbean, and African culture.

Contact: Noelle Morgan

Hawaiian Club

Promoting the Aloha spirit through fellowship and Hawaiian cultural activities.

Contact: Marcus Uechi

KASA (Korean Adventist Student Association)

The goal of KASA is to strengthen the bonds among students.

Contact: Seong Hwang

Mabuhay Filipino Club

To foster an appreciation for Filipino culture and grow in our faith.

Contact: Bethany Costa

SOL Club (Students Organization of Latinos)

To promote Hispanic heritage in a way that integrates the surrounding community of students.

Contact: Juan Hidalgo

Special Interest

Angwin Flyers

To promote and enhance the aviation community and to benefit the students involved.

Contact: Dan Dujmovich

Debate Club

To enhance communication skills.

Contact: Andrew Jason “AJ” Mahinay

EPIC (Engaging People In Christ)

A club created to assist in social, spiritual, and ministerial events.

Contact: Angel Rivero

Jiu Jitsu Club

The purpose of this club is to relax and exercise.

Contact: Aerik Riggs