Albion Retreat and Learning Center

Classes & Workshops

Art and Digital Photography Workshops are not offered in 2015.

In summer 2015, the Albion Retreat and Learning Center will offer several new classes:

EDUC 420 English Teacher Workshop (1 credit)

This workshop is intended for junior high and secondary English teachers. During the week you will have the chance to “talk shop” with other English teachers. Workshop participants will work independently and in groups on a variety of activities. You will have time for reading and quiet reflection. This is an opportunity to learn from fellow teachers and to share with others the methods that work well in your discipline. June 15-19, 2015.

RELT 240 Eco-theology (3 credits) will be taught by Floyd Hayes

BIOL 338 Field Biology of Coastal California (3 credits) will be taught by Aimee Wyrick.

These classes are appropriate for both the general and science student. In addition, each class fulfills a different general education requirement. Eco-theology examines the relationship of religion and nature while Field Biology studies the unique plants and animals that live along the northern coast of California. June 29-July 17, 2015.

Based on sufficient enrollment, college GE classes and discipline-specific teacher workshops will be offered each summer on a rotating schedule.

If you are interested in bringing Art and/or Digital Photography workshops back to Albion, please let us know