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Eboo Patel: Build Bridges of Understanding

On January 9, Pacific Union College hosted Dr. Eboo Patel for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance installment of the Colloquy Speakers Series.

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Students Serve on Navajo Reservation for Fourth Time

Twenty-two students from Pacific Union College spent a week of their winter break serving and providing aid for a Navajo community located near Page, Ariz. 

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PUC Mobile App Wins Award

The Pacific Union College iPhone and iPad app won the Best in Class award from the Society of Adventist Communicators at the Society’s convention in Salt Lake City, October 24-27.

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Student Blogs | Chloé Robles-Evano

Posted on April 23, 2013 at 4:18 pm

This gorgeous weather is not helping with my senioritis. With the temperatures rising, my productivity is steadily decreasing. All I want to do is either lay poolside or drive down to St. Helena for Giugni’s. The Napa Valley is truly the most beautiful place to have a college experience.

I’m going to miss PUC. The realization that this is my last spring as an undergraduate in Angwin is beginning to set in. Irwin Hall has become a familiar haven for learning. All the stressful deadlines and never-ending homework have become a comfort of sorts. The routine, despite the busyness, is expected. That, in and of itself, is comforting. Whereas with graduation right around the corner, there is uncertainty in what this next year will bring.

Despite my qualms about what next year holds, I do feel that PUC has done its job in preparing me for the “real world.” While the courses I took are most tangible manifestation, it is hard to put something like “know best places to eat in Napa” or “know which girlfriends to call when you need a pick-me-up” on a resume. PUC has given me so much more than a degree.

All in all, PUC really does have a special place in my heart. Without this campus I would probably be on a different path in life. My time as section editor for the Campus Chronicle has given me insight to the inner workings of running a paper. My time as a Phonathon caller made me realize that while I can easily strike up conversation with anyone, I am absolutely terrible at asking for money. PUC has been the magnifying glass in revealing my personal strengths and weaknesses. With this evaluation, I can’t wait to play up my strengths and improve on my weaknesses.

Watch out “real world,” another PUC graduate is about to descend upon you with determined intrepidation.

Chloé Robles-Evano
Senior, Communication with journalism emphasis