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Angwin to Angwish Run Continues Revival

On October 26, runners of all ages and abilities will enjoy the fun and challenge of Angwin to Angwish, Pacific Union College’s annual trail run in the heart of the Napa Valley.

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Pioneers Athletics Start Season Strong

Four of the six Pioneers athletic teams—women’s volleyball, men’s soccer, and the men and women cross country team—began their seasons this fall, representing PUC with their promising talent at both home and away games.

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Convocation Features Pioneering Surgeon Leonard Bailey

PUC’s student body, from excited freshmen to seasoned seniors, packed into the PUC Church on September 25 to attend the first gathering of fall quarter’s Colloquy Speaker Series.

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Student Blogs | Janna Vassantachart

Posted on February 3, 2012 at 1:29 pm

As a senior, I assert that the ten and a half weeks of winter quarter are the busiest—with the possible exception being my upcoming spring quarter. Not only does winter quarter seem to offer all the academic courses I need or want, but there are also SA activities, campus clubs, and intramurals ready to chase away the winter blues.

This past week, my 16-plus hour days were filled with analysis of Brontë’s romantic hero Heathcliff in Great Books, Howship’s lacunae (don’t you just love those scientific names?) in histology, and practice phone interviews in senior seminar. Beyond classes for my major and the pre-medicine sciences, I spent time dabbling in my Spanish and stained glass classes and enjoyed every minute of it. Singing Spanish hymnals and soldering lead were only a few of the highlights.

Outside of classes, I work as the assistant editor of the Campus Chronicle. This week we passionately devoted energy to producing our bimonthly issue and launching our new website (shameless advertisement). In my snippets of spare time, I brave the cold night air to visit the gym. The participation in intramurals has risen, and hundreds of students race up and down the courts shooting hoops or scoring goals. A total of 19 girls wanted to join the Blossoms, a girls’ basketball team I have played on for the past three years, so we decided it was time to blossom into Blossoms and Blossoms II.

With the arrival of the Sabbath, a day of rest was never more welcomed. As soon as the clock flickered 5:17 p.m., I slammed my books shut. Sabbath morning was a mix of church services in English and La Capilla—a campus Sabbath School—in Spanish. Then, it was napping time before the SA event of the night. This week, SA and the Biology Club transported students in the “new to PUC,” 30-seater bus to Sky High, a child’s and college student’s glimpse of heaven. With wall-to-wall trampolines, foam pits, and dodge ball arenas, I bounced and flipped away the stresses of the week.

Returning to school, the cycle of learning, munching, and dozing begins anew. 

Janna Vassantachart
Senior, Public Relations/Journalism, Pre-medicine