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PUC Awarded at College Media Association Convention

In the midst of dead week, a group of PUC faculty and students had the opportunity to attend the College Media Association Spring Convention in New York City on March 11-14.

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34th Annual Career Day Emphasizes Service

Pacific Union College hosted its 34th annual Career Day on Thursday, March 5, welcoming professionals from a variety of fields such as business administration, psychology, social work, and education.

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Nursing Students and Wellness Program Present Health Fair

A group of Pacific Union College’s bachelor’s in nursing partnered with the college’s Wellness Program to present a health fair aimed at increasing the awareness and health of PUC students.

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Student Blogs | Raimundo Romero

Posted on October 8, 2010 at 10:52 am

Three weeks into the quarter and I’m already asking for Christmas break to get here! When will the madness end? Between registering for classes, studying for tests, working, hanging out with friends, and ensuring I get everything done on time so I can graduate this coming June, I’m supposed to find time to sleep AND eat? Oh yeah, and then on top of that I’m supposed to find time to fill out graduate school applications that may determine what I do with the rest of my life!

If my schedule sounds a bit hectic, it’s only because I chose it to be that way. One thing I love about college is the freedom that comes with being a student. Granted, as a college student, I now have an increased responsibility for the decisions I do make. Yet, I’d have it no other way. 

One of the reasons why I am so busy is because of my on-campus jobs. Being a student is wonderful, but sadly it doesn’t earn you any money. (Well not yet anyway but it will someday!) On-campus jobs are a great way to bring in a little income so I can spend some money going out to a movie or eating with friends in St. Helena. For the past two years, I’ve been a teaching assistant for the chemistry department. It has been a great opportunity to interact with students, and it is quite fun working with my fellow TAs. I love my job as it is challenging but very rewarding. Also, the chemistry department is a blast to work for. Just last week, they held their quarterly pre-vespers where students are invited to eat dinner with the chemistry faculty. It’s a great time to interact with other chemistry majors and get to know each other in an informal setting. The word on campus is that the chemistry department has the best pre-vespers out of all the departments as it is guaranteed to have good food that usually brings out at least 70 starving students every time. 

My decisions to come to PUC and be a chemistry major are decisions I am happy I made. It may be tiring, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming, but with God seeing me through, I have no worries because I know I have Him to help me rise up to meet the challenge.

Raimundo Romero
Senior Chemistry Major