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PUC Awarded at College Media Association Convention

In the midst of dead week, a group of PUC faculty and students had the opportunity to attend the College Media Association Spring Convention in New York City on March 11-14.

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34th Annual Career Day Emphasizes Service

Pacific Union College hosted its 34th annual Career Day on Thursday, March 5, welcoming professionals from a variety of fields such as business administration, psychology, social work, and education.

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Nursing Students and Wellness Program Present Health Fair

A group of Pacific Union College’s bachelor’s in nursing partnered with the college’s Wellness Program to present a health fair aimed at increasing the awareness and health of PUC students.

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Student Blogs | Oliver Charles

Posted on April 29, 2011 at 2:59 pm

So it’s been a great week at PUC! It looked like it was going to be a week full of rain and bad weather as I woke up Monday morning for my 8:00 a.m. class. But much to my surprise, by noon the sun was out and it was a comfortable 70 degrees. After I finished classes for the day I decided to take advantage of the good weather and go for a run. PUC has miles of trails that are great for running, mountain biking, hiking or just a great walk in nature.

The great weather continued throughout the week, and I was happy for that because I was concerned about bad weather affecting my lifeguard training class. Not only do we learn to rescue victims from the water, but we also learn basics first aid, and CPR techniques such as assessing a scene, telling someone to call 911, checking for a pulse and performing chest compressions. It’s been years since I’ve been CPR certified so it’s great that I get to learn this life skill as a part of my education.

This week I had a chance to attend a Student Association Senate meeting as a representative for the Dramatic Arts Society. This was my first time attending Senate meeting and it was quite interesting viewing what goes on in student government, and how much the people who represent us really do care about issues that affect students. I also attended REVO’s Open Mic Night at the campus center. There are some very talented students at PUC and REVO is a great cause that everyone should support.

 My last quarter here at PUC has been one of reflection. Where I’ve come from, where I want to go—these are things I think of as I’m enjoying free time, or walking to and from classes. As the year ends, I’m looking forward to graduating and facing new challenges, but I will never forget my time spent at PUC.

Oliver Charles
Senior, Pre Physical Therapy and Exercise Science Major