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Eboo Patel: Build Bridges of Understanding

On January 9, Pacific Union College hosted Dr. Eboo Patel for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance installment of the Colloquy Speakers Series.

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Students Serve on Navajo Reservation for Fourth Time

Twenty-two students from Pacific Union College spent a week of their winter break serving and providing aid for a Navajo community located near Page, Ariz. 

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PUC Mobile App Wins Award

The Pacific Union College iPhone and iPad app won the Best in Class award from the Society of Adventist Communicators at the Society’s convention in Salt Lake City, October 24-27.

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Student Blogs | Eirene-Gin Nakamura

Posted on June 3, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Last night was a bit of a monumental evening, as I—after months of blood, sweat, and mostly procrastination—finally submitted my senior thesis paper to complete the curriculum of the history program. I now sit at my desk in the public relations office, wondering how on earth I am going to write my final Letter Home as a student at PUC, or anything ever again for that matter. I’m all written out.

How do I feel about being done? Weird. Oh, so weird. Even though there is less than a week until I march with my fellow seniors down Commencement Grove to receive the diplomas we’ve worked so hard for, it still hasn’t hit me that it’s the end. This week is full of “lasts,” but it seems like I can’t really convince myself that it is. It feels just like any other week.

We all dragged our feet back to campus after the long weekend, but with the unusually rainy weather, it has been relatively easy to get the last of our projects and assignments finished before finals next week. With the library undergoing major renovations, it has been awkward trying to find places to study in groups, but the result will be worth it as these changes are much needed.

It’s odd to think that I won’t get to take advantage of the new library next year. Instead of returning in the fall, I will be back home in LA enjoying (I hope) life in the outside world. I’m really excited to see what the outside world has in store for me, but at the same time, I wish I had more time to enjoy my last days at PUC.

The three years I’ve spent in college have contributed to an exponential growth in knowledge and character, and I have had the joy of meeting the most extraordinary professors and have had the opportunity to work for wonderful people, who have made my time here completely worthwhile. So, it is with gratitude, fondness, and a tinge of sadness that I move forth and enter the next chapter of my life. Thank you, PUC, for everything you have taught me.

Eirene-Gin Nakamura
Senior, Pre-Law/European History major