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Angwin to Angwish Run Continues Revival

On October 26, runners of all ages and abilities will enjoy the fun and challenge of Angwin to Angwish, Pacific Union College’s annual trail run in the heart of the Napa Valley.

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Pioneers Athletics Start Season Strong

Four of the six Pioneers athletic teams—women’s volleyball, men’s soccer, and the men and women cross country team—began their seasons this fall, representing PUC with their promising talent at both home and away games.

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Convocation Features Pioneering Surgeon Leonard Bailey

PUC’s student body, from excited freshmen to seasoned seniors, packed into the PUC Church on September 25 to attend the first gathering of fall quarter’s Colloquy Speaker Series.

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Student Blogs | Peter Han

Posted on January 22, 2010 at 11:07 am

Peter Han

This past weekend, I managed to fill five of the six washing machines in Newton Hall with my things. It took three trips to drag my torn, oversized Ikea clothing bag filled with shirts, pants, jackets, underwear, towels, and sheets from my dorm to the laundry room. After filling up only five of the machines (thoughtful me), I dowsed the whole deal with extra-strength Tide and ponied up the five dollars in quarters to feed the washers. Of course, minutes later, the electrical power went out due to the heavy rain and the washing machines stopped. Note to self: finish laundry before winter break.

It’s, what, the third week of winter quarter now? This past Martin Luther King Jr. weekend many students went off campus to enjoy the fresh powder at Tahoe. I opted to stay on campus and try to relax. The weekend started with Friday night vespers where we watched the documentary “As We Forgive” about forgiveness and the Rwandan genocide. Sabbath day, we worshiped at the Gathering service led out by Pastor Mitchell in Scales Chapel. The remainder of the weekend was marked with wins for both the women’s and men’s basketball teams (three-pointer win during the last three seconds! Absolutely amazing) and trips to St. Helena and Napa for some local cuisine and a film: “Book of Eli.”

Thankfully, this quarter’s schedule is much easier than last quarter’s; last quarter, meals consisted of a banana and an oatmeal bar hurriedly bought in between classes. Even so, there is much to be done, including organizing events and meetings for Biology Club, drafting a film I will be shooting next spring, helping with REVO, group tutoring for Biological Foundations, going to Senate meetings, managing and selling my clothing business, and pursuing my newfound hobby: rock climbing. Of course, studying for classes, doing homework, writing papers, and all that jazz is mixed in there. As well as pretending to study in the library. And daydreaming film concepts during the odd hours. And counting the days till my next big laundry palooza.

Wait. Actually, scratch out that last one.

Peter Han
Sophomore Biology and Film & Television Production Major