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Angwin to Angwish Run Continues Revival

On October 26, runners of all ages and abilities will enjoy the fun and challenge of Angwin to Angwish, Pacific Union College’s annual trail run in the heart of the Napa Valley.

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Pioneers Athletics Start Season Strong

Four of the six Pioneers athletic teams—women’s volleyball, men’s soccer, and the men and women cross country team—began their seasons this fall, representing PUC with their promising talent at both home and away games.

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Convocation Features Pioneering Surgeon Leonard Bailey

PUC’s student body, from excited freshmen to seasoned seniors, packed into the PUC Church on September 25 to attend the first gathering of fall quarter’s Colloquy Speaker Series.

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Student Blogs | Eirene-Gin Nakamura

Posted on February 19, 2010 at 9:55 am

The sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence! After the high school-ers visiting for College Days left on Sunday, the clouds gave in and made way for the sun to shine, as it should be in beautiful California. With unbelievable zeal, everyone threw their jackets to the backs of their closets and pulled out their flip-flops and shorts (even though it’s still only about 70 degrees outside) to give their skin some Vitamin D from the sunshine from which they were deprived for so long. Smiling faces suddenly began to pop up around campus. What a change a little bit of sunshine can bring!

Unfortunately, a lightening of the assigned workload was not one of the changes brought about this week. Midterms ended, but papers, readings, and projects did not. Maybe taking 23 units was not the best decision I’ve ever made, but I’m working through it. It’s nothing I can’t handle (or so I continue to tell myself).

On top of Senate committee meetings, work, and school that pepper my week with interminable activity, my club, Young Americans for Freedom, hosted a speaker on Wednesday evening. John Kelly, a lawyer from St. Helena, came to campus to give a talk on the supreme law of the land – the U.S. Constitution. Luckily, I have great cabinet members who all combined efforts to make it all happen.

Speaking of cabinets, SA election speeches took place on Thursday! I can’t believe it’s already that time of year! I want to wish all the candidates the best of luck in their campaigns, and I pray that the student body will make the right decisions in choosing their representatives for next year.

I should really get back to work now. The monthly faculty newsletter for March isn’t going to write itself! So until I actually have some time to bask in the glorious sunlight, I will have to settle for staring at the rays longingly from the window by my desk in the PR office. Still, I cannot help but feel that all is now as it should be. And sitting inside, well, somehow, it’s not all that bad.

Eirene-Gin Nakamura
Pre-Law/International Communications/European History Major