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Angwin to Angwish Run Continues Revival

On October 26, runners of all ages and abilities will enjoy the fun and challenge of Angwin to Angwish, Pacific Union College’s annual trail run in the heart of the Napa Valley.

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Pioneers Athletics Start Season Strong

Four of the six Pioneers athletic teams—women’s volleyball, men’s soccer, and the men and women cross country team—began their seasons this fall, representing PUC with their promising talent at both home and away games.

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Convocation Features Pioneering Surgeon Leonard Bailey

PUC’s student body, from excited freshmen to seasoned seniors, packed into the PUC Church on September 25 to attend the first gathering of fall quarter’s Colloquy Speaker Series.

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Student Blogs | Brennan Puiia

Posted on April 2, 2010 at 1:17 pm

It’s the first week of spring quarter, and after a week of fantastic weather in northern California, Mother Nature decided to rear her ugly head and bring an inconsistent downpour. I had laid out my khaki shorts and t-shirt to take in some more sunshine, but it looks like they will have to wait for another time. While the weekend doesn’t show much promise in the way of a break from the weather, it is a brief escape from an already taxing first week.

As is typical for the first week of the quarter, students engaged in a constant race to their newly acquired classes. Still, even as individuals secure their final schedule of the year, it’s an easygoing atmosphere compared to the last time we were all together during finals week. While getting back in the swing of things has never suited me quite well, I find I’m spending most of my nights glued to my desk. I can’t say my time is strictly devoted to homework; I'll usually circulate the same set of websites over and over, similar to when I repeatedly open the fridge in five-minute increments expecting to see something new inside.

With a new quarter come new individual resolutions. For me it’s keeping up with my reading and taking advantage of the exercise equipment in the gym that I keep hearing so much about. I keep telling myself that these resolutions were made at a time when I couldn’t possibly have seen how busy my schedule was going to be, so therefore I am unable to burden myself with the guilt of not meeting them so far.

A particular class I’m excited about is Adventist Heritage, where I not only get to learn about our church’s rich history but also hear the unique humor of Dr. Paul McGraw. An eccentric teacher, he is somehow able to combine his wealth of historical knowledge with his penchant for Adventist-themed jokes to make for a pretty exciting class period.

The arrival of spring quarter also means softball intramurals, which I intend on playing—that is, when I’m not bed-ridden by hay fever. I find the joy of clear blue skies to be worth the constant battle against allergies. Not much can beat grabbing my glove after a day of class and heading out to the field with my friends, with the sun warming our backs and the glorious smell of fresh cut grass all around.

Which reminds me of my original point: where is that sun?

Brennan Puiia
Senior PR/Journalism major