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PUC Awarded at College Media Association Convention

In the midst of dead week, a group of PUC faculty and students had the opportunity to attend the College Media Association Spring Convention in New York City on March 11-14.

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34th Annual Career Day Emphasizes Service

Pacific Union College hosted its 34th annual Career Day on Thursday, March 5, welcoming professionals from a variety of fields such as business administration, psychology, social work, and education.

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Nursing Students and Wellness Program Present Health Fair

A group of Pacific Union College’s bachelor’s in nursing partnered with the college’s Wellness Program to present a health fair aimed at increasing the awareness and health of PUC students.

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Student Blogs | Marissa Jensen

Posted on December 5, 2008 at 12:54 pm

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Happy Holidays!

College is going great so far! Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit over here. We had a Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Monday, which was pretty cool, and there was Christmas music playing all around! Then I went to the TLC (the Teaching and Learning Center) for their "open house" Christmas party. There was a chocolate fountain, and it was scrumptious. Then I went with friends to the caf, where we thoroughly enjoyed eating our favorite food, the HAYSTACK! No, I'm not even being sarcastic. We crave it every meal. We actually had a bet to see who could go the longest without eating one. So, we went a couple of days… Then realized life was truly not the same. So, we all quit the bet at the same time, so nobody lost!

Don't worry, I have slightly more discipline when it comes to my studies. Finals are coming up! Looks like I'll be spending the next two weeks of my life in the library. Those chairs are so comfortable… I hope I don't fall asleep! I'm not gonna lie — sometimes it's hard to focus in there. With your friends coming in and out, and secretly listening to the conversations being whispered around you, there is no time for studying! Ha ha. But that's college and I love it!

My roommate and I decorated our room! We have our Christmas tree up and lights all around our room. Every morning we find Christmas music on iTunes and sing to it as we get ready! Our dorm is really festive as well. Our RA put Christmas name tags on our doors. They are so cute. We also have greenery and lights in the lobby. I'm excited for Christmas break! I have to go study now… ugh…

Marissa Jensen
Freshman Nursing Major