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PUC Awarded at College Media Association Convention

In the midst of dead week, a group of PUC faculty and students had the opportunity to attend the College Media Association Spring Convention in New York City on March 11-14.

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34th Annual Career Day Emphasizes Service

Pacific Union College hosted its 34th annual Career Day on Thursday, March 5, welcoming professionals from a variety of fields such as business administration, psychology, social work, and education.

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Nursing Students and Wellness Program Present Health Fair

A group of Pacific Union College’s bachelor’s in nursing partnered with the college’s Wellness Program to present a health fair aimed at increasing the awareness and health of PUC students.

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Student Blogs | Ivanelle Sunico

Posted on October 31, 2008 at 11:57 am

Let me just start off by saying this:

Yes Mom, I have been eating enough and I try to get enough sleep, and don’t worry Dad, the car is doing fine and no, I do not need money to be transferred to my bank account. Now I can tell you what has been happening up on the hill (at least from where I have been sitting).

 I have started my student teaching labs at a local primary school. It has been a wonderful experience so far. The students are fun to be around, the teachers are nice, helpful, and supportive. Oh, and this week I taught my first lesson! I went over the sound that “p” makes (or linguistically speaking, /p/) with some first graders. It was a bit nerve racking because it was my first lesson (oh no, your daughter is growing up!). But what can I say? Firsts are, for the most part, always scary, right?

 In other news, there have been many things going on at school this week. Since the elections are soon upon us, our Student Association held a “political party” giving students a chance to hear about and discuss issues relating to the election. It was very well attended and people got a chance to ask a lot of questions and hear a lot of opinions and information. This week has also been World Missions week. We were able to learn more about mission work and also support our schoolmates that are student missionaries by sending care packages to them.

I was going to mention how beautiful the weather has been up here, but then it started to rain. There are no more blue skies and sidewalk chalk announcements (at least for the moment). But as tradition goes, it always rains on College Days, which happens to be this weekend. And with November College Days also comes Fall Fest! I am excited to eat my way through all the booths, get my face painted, and get a sugar high from all of the desserts! So if I don’t call, I am probably in a food coma.

Wish I could write more, but I should study.

Ivanelle Sunico
Senior Liberal Studies Major