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Eboo Patel: Build Bridges of Understanding

On January 9, Pacific Union College hosted Dr. Eboo Patel for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Remembrance installment of the Colloquy Speakers Series.

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Students Serve on Navajo Reservation for Fourth Time

Twenty-two students from Pacific Union College spent a week of their winter break serving and providing aid for a Navajo community located near Page, Ariz. 

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PUC Mobile App Wins Award

The Pacific Union College iPhone and iPad app won the Best in Class award from the Society of Adventist Communicators at the Society’s convention in Salt Lake City, October 24-27.

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Student Blogs | Anthony Yeo

Posted on May 15, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Whew, the whirlwind of college activities has left me exhausted.

Revo sparked the beginning of this week with an auction and fashion show. The goal: raise over $5,000 for the Napa Valley Food Bank. Starting at 7 p.m., students crowded around the Campus Center, speakers blared music to the masses, and "models" strutted down a shaky runway, flaunting Pilgrim outfits, Twilight subtleties and unique designs. Even faculty members were involved. If Revo reached its goal, Aubyn Fulton agreed to rehash his dark locks a blazing blue, and Nancy Lecourt willingly offered to entertain students with a musical number from the notorious genre (no, not country) of rap. The total for the combined efforts has been proudly strewn across the campus: $7,757.14.

In addition to campus events, I have also recently taken the pleasure of regressing back to my childhood days. Traveling with a swarm of my fellow biology students, I embarked on a wild bug chase through the backwoods of Grainger Hall. Armed with a net and jar, I flailed about in the scorching sun hoping to capture my elusive prey. Avoiding beehives, chasing butterflies, and evading rattlesnakes only added to the excitement. By the end of the expedition, I had fourteen different specimens to pin and examine.

After all my babbling, some words must be devoted to my newfound favorite activity on campus-and no, mom and dad, sorry, but I'm not thinking about studying. I'm recalling soft pillows, warm blankets, and sweet dreams. After a late night of schoolwork, nothing can compare to the satisfaction of closing my chemistry textbook, flicking off the lights, and leisurely crawling toward my daily torpor.  

Speaking of which, my watch reads 12:40 a.m. Zzz.

Anthony Yeo
Biochemistry Major/Honors/Pre-Med