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Photography Tips

Photos in the Sanctuary

Other than during the processional, please do not use a flash. The processional will take place down the center aisle. Please stay behind the rope boundaries.

Photos at Commencement

  1. Graduates will march down the two center aisles. Check the seating chart board at the back of Commencement Grove for your graduate’s marching side (left or right).
  2. For pictures of your graduate actually receiving his/her diploma, please rely on the professional photographers. Other photographers are not allowed close to the stage or inside the rope boundaries.
  3. As you face the stage, the ropes will be close to where your graduate will come down the steps after receiving the diploma. This will be your best position to snap your own picture of your graduate.
  4. Following the ceremony, graduates are requested to go directly to the alphabetized signs on the lawn area near McReynolds Hall. Each graduate is to assemble under the sign according to last name initial. Please meet at these locations for photos.