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New Healthcare Administration Seminar Course Brings Professionals to Campus

Cambria Wheeler, January 24, 2014
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PUC’s department of business administration and economics has debuted a new Topics in Healthcare Administration course for Winter Quarter 2014 that brings health care professionals to speak to students about current issues in their areas of expertise. Many of the visiting lecturers are employees of Adventist Health, which operates nearby St. Helena Hospital Napa Valley.

“There are over 900 students on campus who have expressed an interest in a health care related profession,” shares Rodney Hardcastle, chair of the department of business administration and economics. “Since we have a first class health care institution just five miles down the road we decided to explore the possibility that the health care professionals there would like to get involved with the education of our students. We found that they were more than happy to do so.”

Douglas Houghton, director of recruitment for the Northern California Network of Adventist Health and an adjunct professor at PUC, coordinates the class and has arranged presenters from many aspects of healthcare management. While the class is comprised primarily of business majors, students from the health sciences and pre-professional programs are also enthusiastically enrolled in the two-credit course. In addition, the seminars are open to any interested student or community member.

The January 14 installment of the series brought Steve Herber, MD, interim CEO of St. Helena Hospital and Chief Medical Officer for Adventist Health’s Northern California Network, and Sam Ocampo, executive director of orthopedics and cardiovascular services for Adventist Health’s Northern California Network, to speak to over seventy students. Ocampo and Herber spoke on current issues facing healthcare nationally and locally before taking questions from the students for fifty minutes. Ocampo, att. ’75-’78, and Herber, ’82, are both alumni of Pacific Union College.

Herber described his trajectory from practicing physician to executive, a path especially relevant to the future healthcare practitioners in the room. Learning about the administrative side of the profession interested many of the pre-medicine and pre-dentistry students. “I am headed in to medicine, and want to learn more about the industry I’m headed in to,” said Adam Borecky, a senior chemistry major who has been accepted to Loma Linda University School of Medicine for next fall.

“Healthcare is not going to be the same. We are at a pivotal crossroads in the healthcare industry… and we need bright minds like yours to come up with solutions,” concluded Ocampo.

Steven Felty, a junior business major also pursuing an associate’s degree in health sciences, appreciated the expertise of Ocampo and Herber. “My goal is healthcare administration. It was fantastic getting a professional insight into the field,” Felty explained.

“We think this first hand interaction with these professionals is providing our students an excellent opportunity that will open their eyes to the opportunities and pitfalls inherent in the health care professions,” says Hardcastle. Sixty students are currently enrolled in the course, with others attending the seminar for the enrichment alone.

The Topics in Healthcare Administration course meets Tuesday evenings from 6-7:40 p.m. in Davidian Hall 205 and is open to Pacific Union College students, staff, faculty, and any interested community members.

January 21: “Healthcare Entrepreneurship” 

Dr. Randy Bivens, Medical Director of Radiology at Ukiah Valley Medical Center and Tillamook Valley General Hospital

January 28: “Global Health, Humanitarian Work, and Disaster Relief “

Darcy De Leon, formerly Country Director with ADRA

February 4: “How To Start Assisted Living/Memory Care Centers and Why?”

Mark Rockwell, Principal, Anthem Memory Care

February 11: “Why Am I Not Prepared For The Workforce? Residency and Internship Experiences”

Tyler Newton, HR Supervisor, Sonora Regional Medical Center, and Nithi Narasappa

February 18: “What To Do With Money: How Hospital Decisions Are Really Made”

Carlton Jacobson, CFO of St. Helena Region

February 25: “Human Resources and Recruitment”

Stacy Nelson II, HR Manager at St. Helena Hospital and Doug Houghton, Recruitment Director for Adventist Health Northern California Network

March 11: “What Healthcare Needs From You As Future Leaders”

Gwen Matthews, CEO of Ukiah Valley Medical Center