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Students Host REVO PUC 2010

Lainey S. Cronk, April 28, 2010
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The evening of Sunday, April 25, brought hundreds of students (and other members of the campus and local community) to the outdoor area at the center of the Pacific Union College campus for the grand REVO PUC 2010 event. Following the tradition of the past two REVO PUC events, there was a rummage sale, silent auction, information booths, food sales, concerts, and a fashion show exhibiting innovative student designs.

The outdoor stage at the main REVO event hosted three bands: a student band called G.S.S.M., a student-and-alum band called The West Atlantic, and a new Los Angeles band on tour in Northern California, She Screams Remedy. For the fashion show, six student designers were each allotted $50 to spend at thrift stores and five models. Each designer chose a theme, models, and music and coordinated meetings and rehearsals. Two faculty members and REVO founder Nina Brav served as judges.

In addition to the fun and entertainment that drew people to REVO events, student leaders felt that there was a deeper sense of the project's value. "Students are willing to turn out in droves because they understand the point of it all," says Tyler Cantrell, who recently finished his PUC classes and served as one of the REVO leaders. "The idea of REVO is that we can do something in a positive light here and now to change the world, and being able to see the results right in front of you is a powerful statement of how much we can do if we work together for the good!"

Student Tyler McCulloch, another student leader, says that "REVO is a great chance for not only the student body but the community around us to come together for a great cause. I heard over and over again from multiple people — students, community members and faculty — 'I love spending money at REVO, it's such a happy event that makes you feel good.'"

Cantrell agrees that overall support was huge. "We were so incredibly blessed by community support and the generosity of the students, faculty, staff and especially the community throughout the entire process," he says. "People just gave and gave stuff until we literally had to stop taking donations cause we had no more room to store them in."

So far, this year's REVO events have raised about $8,500 — and student leaders are hoping that sales from a shipment of t-shirts will help them break $10,000.

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