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More Recognition for PUC Website

Staff Writer, August 6, 2010
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The Huffington Post this week joined the parade of Internet commentators that have recognized Pacific Union College for excellence in website design. In a brief article on the problems with most higher education websites, Huffington Post writer Randall Munroe singles out as one of 25 school sites getting it right.

The list of 25 outstanding school websites is from an earlier article posted on, a website devoted to digital media in higher education, and is the latest such ranking for Earlier commendations come from, an online web design resource;, a video blog about educational websites that devoted an entire episode to and gave it an A rating; and, a site for campus web designers.

Launched in its current form in July 2008, PUC's website was produced and is maintained entirely in-house as a cooperative effort by the college's public relations staff.