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Student Competes in Amgen

David Ranzolin, March 5, 2009
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While "Lance-mania" was sweeping through Angwin, Pacific Union College's very own Lindsay Myers competed in the women's criterium of the Amgen Tour of California cycling race. Lindsay, a sophomore communication major, finished 47th in a field that featured some of the top women's cyclists in the nation. She stars as a member of SugarCRM's "elite team," meaning she has established herself as an amateur racer in regional as well as national racing circuits. Although still relatively new to the racing scene, Lindsay is heading to France later this year to train with the USA Cycling Development Program.

Lindsay's entry into competitive cycling was quick. After her first race in 2007 (which she won), she was fortunate to make connections with people who facilitated the transition to the next level. She credits the Team Swift Junior Development program and director Laura Charmeda for jumpstarting her career with the necessary coaching and equipment. By 2008, Lindsay was ready for a full season. 

As a full-time student, Lindsay knows that juggling a passion for competitive cycling with the academia is a struggle. When most students relax or catch up with schoolwork on the weekends, Lindsay is racing. However, she thrives on the focus and preparation required of her in both worlds and believes energy expended in one translates positively into the other. "Travel on the weekends definitely keeps me on my toes during the week to get everything accomplished," she says. "However, training gives me focus and drive that affects more than just riding a bike. To push myself mentally and physically, learning, improving, sometimes failing, the freedom from everything and being part of a team success is a reward; this is thriving on life." 

Northern California is an ideal place for Lindsay to indulge her cycling passions. Although not quite as glamorous as the Amgen Tour of California, there are many other races Lindsay and Team SugarCRM compete in. This is to say nothing of the natural beauty of the Napa Valley, a perfect place for Lindsay to hone her abilities and experience the wonders of nature. "To climb up and overlook the Napa Valley is amazing; it is so beautiful," she says.

Lindsay is intent on continuing to climb the ladder in the world of cycling. As her profile on the SugarCRM team page proudly predicts, Lindsay is "a bright girl with a big future."