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Update ImageElaine Neudeck and Tammy McGuire, along with several friends, spent nine days hiking across the Swiss Alps from Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland, this summer. The hike, Elaine says, “offered the most awe inspiring views, challenges over the passes, and villages steeped in the Swiss tradition of charm, cows with bells, cheese and chocolate—of which we consumed plenty.” As if this adventure wasn’t enough, Elaine also hiked her first 14,000-foot peak—Mt. Sherman in Colorado—and spent two days mountain biking in Moab, Utah.

Update ImageLinda Dunbar Philpott jetted off to Italy this summer on a photography tour organized by Gilbert Muth and John Fisher. Fourteen intrepid photographers explored Rome, Tuscany, the Dolomites and Venice. The highlights for Linda were visiting the Roman Forum and Trajan's Market, and meandering quiet streets in the little Venitian villages of Burano and Murano.  She says, “It is hard to choose just a few highlights, as this trip of a lifetime offered up so many memorable sights.”

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What's your favorite way to enjoy fall in the Napa Valley?

Cheryl DaleyAs I commute over the hills from Sonoma County each day, I get a beautiful view of Mt. St Helena. It may be sunlit, shrouded in clouds, or even dusted with snow. As I enter the valley the fall season is celebrated by the colorful grape vineyards, greening fields and deciduous trees. Each season here is beautiful, but perhaps fall is the most dramatic. – Cheryl Daley

Milbert MarianoI love to take my family to the Stanley Lane Pumpkin Patch in Napa. – Milbert Mariano

Holly JeskeHaving grown up in New England, I miss the fall colors there, but have been delighted with the spectacular colorscape of Napa Valley vines. A drive down Silverado Trail this time of year is breathtakingly beautiful!  My family and I also love to roast marshmallows over an open fire pit in our backyard on cool fall evenings. – Holly Jeske

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