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Backil Sung, of PUC’s Biology department, has been working with students on new and interesting research projects. One project focuses on the disease development of Alzheimer’s, and how it may be slowed by a vegetable diet. Taking ideas from Ellen G. White’s health message, Dr. Sung is currently conducting research to determine whether overeating aggravates Alzheimer’s disease, and also to discover whether a vegetable diet will reduce its rapidity. Dr. Sung anticipates providing a way to improve health by preventing disease, rather than treating its symptoms.

Another of Sung’s research projects centers on morphine tolerance. In this project, he is studying whether the brain’s drug metabolism system can change the development of morphine tolerance. By studying the effects of blocking the metabolism on morphine tolerance, Dr. Sung examines his research for an outcome that will be beneficial to those in constant pain. He hopes to move on to a therapeutic trial, thereby helping people in pain from chronically painful diseases.

Business Administration

Update ImageOn September 24, one of Dave Bell’s photos was selected as the Google+ “Photo of the Day,” in conjunction with The Weather Channel’s “SunsetDay” event. Bell’s dissertation research involves the use of social networking to promote professional photography businesses.


Update ImageJulie Yamada, director of Discoveryland St. Helena, earned her Master of Science in Early Childhood Studies from Walden University. She completed this degree with a specialization in Teaching Adults in the Early Childhood Field.

Facilities Management

PUC’s vehicle fleet has been getting some TLC since the arrival of new chief fleet mechanic Darwin Johnston to the Facilities Management Department (FMD) in April. Darwin has extensive experience: nearly three decades managing large fleets, most recently for FedEx in San Diego, where he managed 21 technicians and maintained 1,100 vehicles.  On October 11, Bradley Kirk will join the team as a fleet mechanic.

FMD services over 100 registered vehicles—everything from cars to buses and semis—and over 50 pieces of heavy equipment like cranes, forklifts, and tractors.  FMD’s first priority is keeping the college’s vehicles running smoothly and safely.  Right now they’re solving major problems with various vehicles, and then will work on putting each vehicle on a rotation to receive service every three months.  Because of the extensive needs of the PUC fleet, it’s appreciated if you route questions about your personal cars directly to your mechanic.  To request service for a PUC vehicle, just use the handy School Dude request system on the FMD website.

Institutional Research

After two years of hard work, Serhii Kalynovs’kyi completed the graduate Certificate in Institutional Research program at Florida State University’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. This online program is the only formal education available in the field of institutional research.

Modern Languages

Update ImageIn September, Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti attended the Adventist Colleges Abroad EuroConsortium meetings in Florence, Italy.

Nursing and Health Sciences

Update ImageTamara Tirado and Susan Bussell both graduated with their Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees from Loma Linda University in June.


Vola Andrianarijaona continued his research on particle physics this summer. First he journeyed to Belgium with two students, then to Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.


Update ImageRoss Winkle traveled to Scotland in mid-July, where he presented an academic paper at the Apocalyptic Literature Section of the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in St. Andrews. Dr. Winkle presented a portion of his recently defended dissertation on Revelation 1, entitled “The Chalkolibanõ Conundrum in Revelation.”


After completing a course in personal training last spring, Holly Jeske became a certified personal trainer through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. She also gained faculty status at the Wellness Council of America, one of the main resources for workplace wellness in America.

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