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Why is the sexual harassment training mandatory?

California law states that employers with 50 or more employees must provide at least two hours of sexual harassment training every two years to each supervisory employee and to all new supervisory employees within six months.  Because of our interactions with student workers, all PUC employees are required to attend these important trainings.

Wellness Quiz

Update ImageThe first 10 people to contact Holly Jeske ( with correct answers get a pedometer or a stress reliever beach ball!

1. 10,000 steps refers to:

  1. The number of stairs on campus
  2. The cumulative steps Galyn has taken to implement the Affordable Care Act at PUC
  3. The number of aerobic footsteps per day recommended for cardiovascular health

2. Interval training

  1. Is a 30-minute workout with intervals of high intensity and leisure-paced exercise.
  2. Increases your metabolism for at least twice as long as a one-hour steady-paced workout
  3. Makes you feel, breathe, and function better for the rest of the day.
  4. Is best done two or three times a week, but not more.
  5. All of the above.

3.  Wellness Reimbursement is available to employees who have elected the:

  1. Standard Healthcare Plan
  2. Basic Healthcare Plan
  3. High-deductible HAS Healthcare Plan
  4. All of the above

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