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Alumni & Advancement

Over the next six weeks, an incredible group of your students will devote many hours to making thousands of phone calls on behalf of PUC during Phonathon. These students are eager to have some great conversations with alumni, bring the PUC family a little closer together, and hopefully raise some money toward specific projects in your departments. It takes a brave student to make these calls every night, and they need your help and encouragement in the form of delicious treats. If you’re willing to support these students as they support your department, please contact Connie Phillips at ext. 6414 and let her know which night you’d like to provide a snack for the callers.

Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics

Roberto Ordóñez attended a Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Camp at Microsoft's offices in downtown San Francisco in August. The camp focused on helping software developers prepare to target this new version of Windows. Windows 8 has some significant differences compared to its predecessor, and specifically targets tablet devices and smart phones as well as desktop and laptop computers.

Modern Languages

Update Image In June, under the auspices of Adventist Colleges Abroad, Sylvia Rasi Gregorutti met with PUC students studying abroad at the Escuela Superior de Español in Sagunto, Spain, and former and current students at the Institute de Langue Française on the Campus Adventiste du Salève in France. She also met with the program directors and professors at these sister institutions, observed classes, and participated in cultural activities. At Istituto Avventista Villa Aurora in Florence, Italy, she assisted co-teacher Cynthia Westerbeck of the English department in coordinating the seminar HNRS 300: Beauty for a group of 12 PUC Honors students.

Visual Arts

Department chair Milbert Mariano and new professor Brian Kyle beefed up their expertise by attending a seminar on Photoshop CS6 on August 22. The seminar was run by Scott Kelby, a bestselling tech writer specializing in Adobe products.

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