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  • 01 Jay Miller Enrollment Services
  • 04 Brittany Brown Athletics
  • 04 Marta Hayes Market
  • 05 Amy Cronk Visual Arts
  • 05 Heather Reid English
  • 07 Harold Mills Facilities Management
  • 07 Cherith Mundy Academic Administration
  • 07 Debra Stewart Financial Administration
  • 08 Mark Dena Market
  • 09 Lisa Paulson Student Services
  • 10 Larissa Church Enrollment Services
  • 10 Ana Saldana Discoveryland St. Helena
  • 12 Janet Ivey Human Resources
  • 12 Adugnaw Worku Library
  • 14 Tauva Hellie Academic Administration
  • 14 Heather Knight President
  • 14 Debra Murphy Education
  • 15 Liss Leal Nursing
  • 15 Jessica Smeding Financial Administration
  • 18 Pablo Hilario Chemistry
  • 18 Eric Logan Hardware
  • 19 Jessica Rivera Market
  • 20 Jean Sheldon Religion
  • 22 Ryan Hiebert ITSS
  • 22 Jennifer Kendrick Health Clinic
  • 23 James Bevins Facilities Management
  • 23 John Duncan Biology
  • 24 Gena Philpott Women's Residence
  • 25 Chip Dillon Flight Center
  • 25 Tanya Healy Academic Administration
  • 26 Annette Riebe Women's Residence
  • 27 Laffit Cortes Campus Ministries
  • 28 Ross Winkle Religion
  • 31 Paul McGraw History

Off the Clock

Update Image Alexander Carpenter, instructor of visual arts, married PUC alumna Doris Tetz-Garcia in a small and fashionable ceremony in Los Angeles August 25.

Update Image Jean Buller, professor of education, married Mark Edell on July 22, right here on campus in PUC's prayer garden.

Craig Philpott, admissions director, and Gena Cowen, dean of Graf Hall, were married on August 18 in Scales Chapel. Pastor Krystalynn Martin of Rio Lindo Academy, a close friend of both the bride and groom, officiated the ceremony. Jan Wood and the rest of the PUC women's deans hosted a Sabbath luncheon and also a reception in the Fireside Room for family and friends of the couple. Craig and Gena will be living in the Graf Hall women's dean apartment—send messages of congratulation there.

Update ImageRico and Cherith Mundy, of ITSS and the president's office respectively, welcomed a new addition to their family over the summer. Derek Nathaniel Mundy was born July 23, weighing eight pounds seven ounces and measuring 21.5 inches long.

Update Image Over the summer Bryan Ness, professor of biology, published his first book of poetry, Reading Leaves: Selected Poems. Perhaps it's no surprise that much of his poetry takes inspiration from the worlds of science and nature. Check out the sample below, and then head over to to pick up your own copy.

Poison Oak
By Bryan Ness

The skin across
the crook of my elbow
is glowing red,
my body convinced
it's found an enemy
to fight.
Histamines recruit
a host of battle drones;
the itch begins.

Retracing steps
the last few days
I can't recall a brush
with leaves of three,
but proof is painted red
across my skin
and nerves,

but evidence
is not a soloist
for truth.
No matter what
the premises
their weight is all
the same at fall's approach,
like leaves burned red
by summer's blast.

Each night our cat
nestles next
to me, snoring quietly,
his body draped
across my arm,
fatigued from
forest jaunts
in search
of rodent prey,
and while I sleep
his day rubs off
on me.


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