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  • 01 Bionet Artigas Degree Completion Program
  • 01 Thomas Lee Education
  • 01 Aleida Martinez Albion
  • 03 Dennis Elkins ITSS
  • 03 Mary Wild Flight Center
  • 04 Marsha Crow Education
  • 04 Joshua Lucas Media Services
  • 04 Caralin McHan Student Finance
  • 05 Dana Negro Public Relations
  • 05 Backil Sung Biology
  • 06 Rosario Caballero-Chambers Modern Languages
  • 07 Pamela Bobst Nursing
  • 07 Beverly Glover Nursing
  • 07 Aschalew Gobezie Trash Management
  • 08 Gerry Glantz Accounting
  • 08 Angel Hernandez Religion
  • 10 Linda Dunbar Music
  • 10 Sheri Miller Student Finance
  • 12 Will Cook Albion
  • 13 Charaine Lucas Education
  • 14 Kirt Brower Recreation
  • 14 Marlo Waters Records
  • 16 Thor Aagaard English
  • 16 Chantel Blackburn Mathematics
  • 16 Elena Maldonado Women’s Residence Hall
  • 18 Allan Zehm Land Management
  • 20 Veronica Cortes Men’s Residence Hall
  • 21 Charles E Bird Landscape
  • 22 Ada Funes Discoveryland Angwin
  • 27 Ileana Douglas History
  • 29 Michele Carlson Health Services
  • 29 Lary Taylor Business Administration

Q & A

"What is your favorite source for delectable holiday recipes?"

“Don’t know where she comes up with this stuff, but my talented vegan wife makes—yes makes, not just bakes—our holiday turkey.  It’s more like a malnourished game hen, truth be told.  It’s complete with “giblets” cavity (thanks to an empty tomato paste can) and seasoned leftover bits for contents.  My favorite part?  I get to slice it up—by request—and serve it.  Just like back in my carnivore days!”—David Vye, ITSS

“I’ve had great success finding healthier variations of traditional recipes.  And with those ‘good intention’ foods like kale and eggplant, I just search “healthy _____ recipes” and get a nice list of options.  I usually end up with or or sometimes a lesser-known healthy foodie site with some delightful results.  In 10 minutes or less I have a yummy, healthy meal planned.  It’s actually fun!”—Holly Jeske, Wellness

Off the Clock

Update ImageLinda Dunbar of the music department went on a driving trip in search of fall colors and scenery.  She took some photographs of the lovely autumn trees along Highway 395.

Update Image Fabio Maia, service and missions coordinator, competed in the October 20 Challenged Athletes Foundation triathlon with team “PossAbilities.”  He has volunteered for CAF since 1998—a total of 15 years.  This triathlon event, first started in 1993, took place at La Jolla Cove in San Diego.  Watch the video:

Vicki Saunders, assistant professor of nutrition, and Cynthia Westerbeck, professor of English, were interviewed by Charles Scriven for a Spectrum Blog series on Sabbath School classes. Saunders and Westerbeck lead the Choir Room Sabbath School class at the PUC Church.  Find the piece, “The Ear: A Safe Place for Conversation,” at

Update Image Liss Leal-Poiret, assistant professor of nursing, and her husband Haroldo Poiret, welcomed their first child on September 28.  Gizel Noemi Poiret arrived to her thrilled parents weighing 6 lbs., 15 oz.

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