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Alumni & Advancement

Update Image PUC held the annual Homecoming Weekend April 20 to 22, and this year’s event saw some of the best attendance in recent years. The college gave special awards to Dr. Scott Nelson, ’92; Dr. John Chung, ’84; judge Terry Bork, ’82; and Erica Davis, ’04. Lawrence Geraty, Ph.D., ’62, was the keynote speaker for the weekend, and alumni enjoyed new events like a volleyball reunion game on Sunday and a concert and basketball game for students and young alumni on Saturday night. To get involved as a volunteer or reunion party host for next year’s Homecoming, call Ramona Evans at ext. 7500.


Discoveryland St. Helena was busy April 20 and 22 remodeling their preschool playground to create a more natural looking play space. New items include a slide structure, musical instruments for the outdoor play area, a large sand pit with a water pump, and new garden boxes. The preschool will show off the new facilities at an open house, Tuesday, May 22 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. “Thanks to the PUC facilities management team, Napa Kiwanis Club, St. Helena Parks & Recreation Department, parents and teachers for their help to make this possible,” said director Julie Yamada. 

Facilities Management

Update Image March and April were busy months for the facilities management crew, as they set to work on important electrical projects. The biggest and most recent project involved replacing 8,800 feet of cable—about 15 percent of the campus’ underground grid. In-house electricians Phil Saulsbury and Jim Bevins performed 44 high voltage splices, saving the college about $35,200 by avoiding outside contractors. “It was very much a team effort, which was a great cost savings to the college,” said director Dale Withers.


Bruce and Rosalie Rasmussen, along with several PUC music education students, were the music directors at a Heavenly Melodies Music Camp at Leoni Meadows over spring break. The program invites Adventist home school students from across Northern California to a natural setting to play and worship together.


Bruce Bainum, Charlene Bainum, Aubyn Fulton, and Priscilla Miranda, along with 21 psychology students, presented six papers at the Western Psychological Association Convention in San Francisco, April 26 to 29. Research topics included the effects of sleep on memory, why little boys prefer aggressive humor, and how religious preference factors into the speed dating experience.

Public Relations

Webmaster Nic Hubbard attended the .eduGuru Summit, a two-day online conference for higher education. The conference consisted of sessions by higher education professionals across the United States. "I learned a lot more about how mobile is the future in higher ed," said Nic. "We need to be forward-thinking in our methods."

Visual Arts

Update Image Filming has begun on Napa Valley Dreams, an Imax-style film about the Napa Valley. Rodney Vance wrote and is directing the film, and John Tagamolila is producing and shooting it. This investor-funded project also involves several PUC film majors. The film’s anticipated release date is May 2013.

Update Image Tom Turner debuted a retrospective of some of his best work at a special show at Rasmussen Art Gallery over Homecoming Weekend. Family and friends packed the gallery for an opening reception, and many of his colleagues pitched in to present him with a new iPad as a token of appreciation for his decades of work in both art and education. Tom plans to dramatically cut back on his teaching duties as of the end of this school year.

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