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Alumni & Advancement

Before starting at PUC, Walter Collins, current VP of Advancement, was a TEDxTalk presenter. Watch the video.


The department of business recently hired Heather Corona as an internship coordinator.  This is a new position in the business department as a result of a curriculum change requiring all business majors to have internships.  This new job will consist of helping students match their interests and skills with potential internship providers.

Facilities Management

Leif Aaen and Tim Dexter passed their State Water Board Exams and will be receiving their Grade 2 Water Treatment licenses.  Phil Saulsbury and Jim Bevins went to a three day electrical code seminar to stay up-to-date on the latest codes.


Update ImageSusan Allen graduated with her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree from Azusa Pacific University on December 14.

Staff of the Month

The Staff of the Month program recognizes the work of non-academic employees at PUC.  One person is selected monthly by other staff members and recognized for their excellent work.

November’s Staff of the Month was Debbie Stewart.  “Debbie’s nomination as Staff Member of the Month is most deserving,” stated Dave Lawrence.  “While admirable, the designation will fail to capture the essence of her value to the Financial Administration office in particular, and the PUC family in general.  With calm demeanor, Debbie is a treasure of information, perspective, and insight.  We in Financial Administration welcome this accolade for a commendable and exemplary PUC employee.”  Joy Hirdler also commented on Debbie’s work:  “She is an invaluable resource to PUC.  Her cheerful, can-do attitude is a blessing to have in the office.  She routinely goes above and beyond the call-of-duty and remembers seemingly everything!  Her attention to detail and thoroughness are an asset to our entire building and PUC as a whole.  I feel truly blessed to work with her!”

The Staff of the Month for December was Nic Hubbard.  “As Webmaster, Nic is always on call in case something happens to the site or information needs to be updated,” says Jennifer Tyner.  “He often works late or on the weekend to ensure the public is able to receive information in a timely and effective manner.”  In addition to single-handedly managing the current PUC website, Nic has also worked on a major overhaul and redesign of the Admissions website.  “Nic is a joy to work with, a collaborative partner for any project,” says Haley Wesley.  “If you need something done, ask Nic and it will just happen.  I’m constantly amazed by his positive attitude, professionalism, and willingness to get the job done.”

Visual Arts

Kwang Hoon Lee, a visiting lecturer from Kongju National University in Korea, is currently using PUC as a research facility.  He will be showing his work alongside the visual arts department faculty in February, and is also scheduled to give a lecture in April.  Professor Lee’s area of emphasis is non-traditional animation.

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