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Update ImageDo you wish you could report your Health Activities using a different tracking system?  Do you already track your healthy behaviors online, using a phone or iPod app, or would you enjoy researching and choosing your own tracking method?

Between December 1 and May 15, Wellness is implementing a pilot option to encourage you to track your healthy lifestyle using a website or phone/iPod app.  If you wish to track your Wellness credits with the Health Activity Tracker found on the Wellness site (, then feel free to stick with it.

If you have considered using a site or app like, Weight Watchers Online,, etc., to track your food, exercise, and other healthy behaviors, then you are encouraged to do so.  Simply send Holly Jeske a notification of your intent by March 1, 2014 that includes the name of the site/app(s) you plan to use, what healthy behaviors you will be tracking, and your goal.  Then send a screenshot of your program’s progress report in May with a note of review on how the site/app worked for you.  If good intentions don’t pan out for you, or you get off track between now and May 15, you may default back to the Wellness Program’s Health Activity Tracker to accumulate the standard 300 credits by May 15.  The goal is to support your health efforts by allowing and encouraging the use of a tracking program that works for you.

Check out the above sites if you don’t know where to start.  Consider researching your “area of weakness” to help overcome the health issues that trouble or threaten you.  If you want to try out different programs during this period to find one that works for you, send Holly Jeske a progress report on each before starting a new one.

This is a PILOT/TRIAL period.  Continuation after May 2014 will depend on feedback, benefits, and results.  To be eligible for the Healthcare Contributions Reimbursement in June and December 2014, reporting your healthy activities twice per year (May 15 and November 15) and completing the Annual Online Wellness Assessment/Personal Wellness Profile will be necessary for all employees who are covered under the PUC Healthcare plan (including PUC employed spouses).

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